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25 Days of CompetitionX-mas 2018 – Rockin’ Some Reefs RC | CompetitionX

25 Days of CompetitionX-mas 2018 - Rockin' Some Reefs RC | CompetitionX

We’d love to welcome Reef’s RC to the 2018 25 Days of CompetitionX-mas.

If you haven’t heard of Reefs, you need to check these servos out. They’re relatively new to the hobby but have been blazing a trail into all kinds of different segments; crawling (the initial release), drifting and now offroad! Touted as some of the best servos out there, they come stacked with some pretty beastly numbers for the those looking for, well, a macho servo.

The 422HD Servo features an coreless drive motor, titanium internal gears and is completely waterproof. At 7.4oz, it creates a whopping 422oz at a .12 speed. This is a crazy-tough servo, especially for the $81 price tag.

We’re also giving away a the Triple4 servo, another waterproof unit that also features a coreless drive and titanium gears but includes a full metal case. Torque is up to 444oz (thus, the Triple4 designation) with a .10 speed – all for just under $100!

Finally, to help protect your servo from damage, Reef’s RC is also giving away one of their Servo Shields. This mounts to your servo and helps protect it from frontal impacts (great for vehicles like the Axial Bomber). CNC-machined from aluminum, the shield takes the abuse, saving your high-dollar servo from damage!

I’ve heard nothing but fantastic things about these servos and am excited to be sharing these with you guys. Thanks to Reef’s for joining in this years giveaway!

If you haven’t signed up for the 25 Days of CompetitionX-mas yet, make sure you head over to to fill out the form for a chance to win.

422HD Servo

Triple4 – 444oz HD Servo

REEFS Servo Shield Dark Gray

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