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Eat. Sleep. RC. February 2016 Giveaway Update – Schelle Racing Parts

Eat. Sleep. RC. February 2016 Giveaway Update - Schelle Racing Parts

Our friends over at Schelle Racing have been churning out quite a few parts for the top race cars in the industry, so we are lucky to have them be a part of Eat. Sleep. RC. and February’s Team Associated SC5M giveaway car.

Parts included will be:
#SCH1083 Schelle Racing Aluminum Rear Ballstud Mount
#SCH1094 Schelle Racing Aluminum Rear Hubs
#SCH1201 Schelle Racing Aluminum C-Mount
#SCH1203 Schelle Racing C-Mount Inserts

The aluminum rear ballstud mount is similar to the stock piece, however it includes 2 additional mounting holes for fine tuning. A raised section in mounting area adds a +1mm (kit standard), removing the need to add additional spacers to match the ‘most common setting’. The ballstud mount can also be flipped, changed the +1mm to a -2mm setting.

Schelle’s aluminum rear hubs will be added as well, increasing durability with its 2-piece aluminum/carbon fiber design. This design also allows a finer area of adjustment with the ballstud; simply ‘space’ the ballstud mount out using small shims – .5mm, .1mm, etc. These mounts also come with bearing inserts to remove any slop in the bearing area.

Finally, we’ll be installing Schelle’s Aluminum C Mount. This precision machined piece uses plastic inserts to change toe-in and anti-squat. This design is much easier than replacing the entire mount, and its aluminum construction makes it unbreakable.

These Schelle parts should put your mind at ease that your SC5M is now a bit more durable as well as well as a bit more ‘blingy’. If you haven’t done so yet, make sure you head over to and fill out the form for a chance to win.

Schelle Racing,

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