Eat. Sleep. RC. January 2016 Tamiya Giveaway Car Update – LRP Power System

Eat. Sleep. RC. January 2016 Tamiya Giveaway Car Update - LRP Power System

I are very lucky to have a full set of LRP electronics powering the Eat. Sleep. RC. Tamiya TT-02. I’ve used LRP for a LOT of years and have come to love their easy set up, smooth power delivery and overwhelming amount of onboard features to tinker with.

If you’re unaware of LRP, they are a German-based company that has been around for over 25 years in the industry. They have teamed up with a slew of top drivers including Mark Pavidis, Matt Francis, Ryan Cavalieri, Jared Tebo and Ronald Volker, to name just a few. They have multiple World Championships and a ton of Regional and National titles to their credit, so they obviously know what they are doing.

All of those victories have allowed them to push the limits of their ESC’s and motors, incorporating what they’ve learned into every product they provide – from high-end competition parts all the way down to the budget-based RTR units.

For this build, we’ll be including three top LRP components; the Spin Super Brushless ESC (#80230), the Vector K7 10.5T Brushless Motor (#50451) and a battery from their new line, the Outlaw 8000mAh 7.6V Hard-Case LiPo Pack.

The Spin Super Brushless ESC uses World’s-winning sensored technology, features a Boost 0 Mode for true stock-racing performance and can handle a 2S-4S LiPo battery (with onboard LiPo cut-off feature). It is splash-proof, uses single-touch operation and has forward/brake/reverse and forward/brake only (for racing). A multi-protection system constantly monitors the ESC’s health and a separate USB connectivity allows for easy software updates. It is recommended for use with any brushless motor over 9.5T, so it’s perfect for the K7 10.5T motor we’ll be using.

Speaking of the Vector, this is LRP’s rocket-powered brushless powerhouse that falls within their budget category. It uses the same technology as their X20 World Champion motors and features LRP’s PreciSensor system, a system that smooths out the the response characteristics of the motor for easier driveability. On the outside, the K7 features an aluminum housing for efficient motor cooling. Internally, a high-power sintered magnet is used for maximum performance. It is completely rebuildable and has easy-solder tabs for quick attachment of the ESC wires.

Finally, we’re including one of LRP’s new Outlaw-series 8000mAh 7.6V LiPo batteries. These batteries are designed for 7.6V instead of the standard 7.4V, meaning they can be charged up to 8.7V! This translates into more power and more runtime than standard packs. They come in a hard case, have 4mm gold-coated connectors and even come with FREE Gold Works Team connectors (for the ESC). Don’t worry, we’ll be hooking everything up for you so all you have to do is get it and go!

All of these parts are installed and look fantastic in the TT-02. We’ll be posting some teaser pix of the finished build, so keep an eye out for them!

Also, if you haven’t signed up for a chance to win this car, you really should! Head on over to and fill out the form. It’s free, no purchase necessary. Why wouldn’t you?


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