AKA Announces Their Hand Held Tire Balancer

AKA Announces Their Hand Held Tire Balancer
AKA Announces Their Hand Held Tire Balancer

Balancing the tires on a 1:8 buggy or truggy is key to getting the most out of your vehicle. AKA’s hand held tire balancer is the perfect tool for the job. The balancer was designed by Mark Pavidis with performance, portability and function in mind. It’s compact design does not require any platform or stand that can take up precious room in your pit bag. And it’s the size of a standard size wrench so it will fit right in your tool box. The billet aluminum construction means it’s light weight and looks trick.

The integrated precision bearings have been lubricated with a light oil to make sure it is very easy to find the heavy side of your tires every time. The bearings are also sealed so they can live in the harsh off-road environment and still stay smooth. The wheel mounts to the balancer with a simple press fit adapter making switching from tire to tire quick and easy. The included 1:8 adapter fits both 1:8 Buggy and 1:8 Truggy tires or any wheel and tire combo with a 17mm hex.

It’s a new season. Time to get rid of those big, bulky table balancers. Keep it simple and use what pros like Jared Tebo and Mark Pavidis use, the AKA Hand Held Tire Balancer.

Part # – 44001
Available – Mid Feb.
Retail – $34.99
Included – Balancer, 1:8 Wheel Adapter, Balancing Putty

[source: www.raceaka.com]

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