AVID RC Sabertooth SC Wheels for the Losi SCTE

AVID RC Sabertooth SC Wheels for the Losi SCTE
AVID RC Sabertooth SC Wheels for the Losi SCTE

AVID is pleased to announce Sabertooth Short Course Wheel for the Losi TEN-SCTE truck in black, white, and yellow. The Sabertooth Short Course Wheel is designed with several features to set it apart from the crowd. Racers and bashers alike will appreciate the design details that make AVID products unique:

• Durable and light-weight: The Sabertooth wheel has strength where it counts, and because of the hollow 5-spoke design, the SCTE wheels weigh in at 23.2 g each compared to 29.5g each for the kit Losi wheels. That is a 25 g per set weight savings!
• Over-size glue catch bead: The Sabertooth wheel has a large inner and outer glue catch to keep the glue where you want it and not on your wheel face!
• AVID signature swirl pattern: This innovative swirl pattern is designed to mate with serrated locking nuts to keep your wheels secure.
• Real-truck inspired 5-spoke design
• AVID wheels are center-point injected to ensure that they spin true and are well balanced.
• Pre-molded with vent hole
• AVID logo on the wheel face.
• Each package includes 1 pair of wheels and 1 AVID mini decal sheet.

The AV1101-B wheels fit the Losi Ten-SCTE 4wd truck, as well as any XXX-SCT with hex adapter conversion.

In keeping with AVID’s mission to bring the best value to the customer, we are offering an amazing deal with our wheel “6 pack”*. 6 Pairs of wheels for $42, 12 pairs for $84, etc…. Inside the AVID shopping cart, each group of 6 wheels gives you a bulk price of $7.00 per pair instead of $8.00.

AV1101-B Sabertooth SCTE Wheel, 12mm hex Black

AV1101-B Sabertooth SCTE Wheel, 12mm hex Black (6)

AV1101-W Sabertooth SCTE Wheel, 12mm hex White

AV1101-Y Sabertooth SCTE Wheel, 12mm hex Yellow

[source: www.avidrc.com]

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