Axial SCX10 II Deadbolt RTR

Axial SCX10 II Deadbolt RTR

Axial has added another Deadbolt to their lineup, this time sitting atop their excellent SCX10 II platform. This rig also includes Axial’s new single-piece AR44 axles, a new part that has increased ground clearance and durability over the multi-piece unit.

An AX10 transmission is at the heart of this truck, powered by a 35T brushed motor and 3S-capable, waterproof AE-5 ESC. A metal-geared Tactic TSX45 servo comes installed from the factory, as does the Tactic TTX200 transmitter.

While the chassis is tried-and-true, the best part is the killer Deadbolt body. This is one of my favorites (next to the Honcho), and it comes with a molded roll cage complete with ready-for-LEDs lightbar.

I have one of these and it’s a really fun rig!

AX90066 Axial SCX10 II Deadbolt RTR

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Buy it at AMain Hobbies: Axial SCX10 II Deadbolt RTR 4WD Rock Crawler

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