Core RC Multi-Driver

Core RC Multi-Driver
Core RC Multi-Driver

We are pleased to announce the new Core RC Multi Driver. Core RC Multi Driver is an excellent 12 tip easy to use multipurpose tool for many applications.

• Stores six bits within the handle with 12 different tips.
• Easy release of the tip by pressing the button.
• End cap rotates to keep all the tips secure and select the desired tip required.
• Adjustable tip length.
• Machined black anodised aluminium handle which will not roll off your work bench!

Tip Sizes:
• 1.5mm Flat Blade > 2.5mm Flat Blade
• 00 Philips > 0 Philips
• 1.5mm Hex > 2.0mm Hex
• 2.5mm Hex > 3.0mm Hex
• .050″ Hex > 1/16″ Hex
• 5/64″ Hex > 3/32″ Hex

Replacement tips available as spare parts.
CR163 – Multi Driver Tool-hex, flat blade, Philips, 12 tip
CR164 – Multi Driver Tip Only – +00 Phillips-1.5mm Slotted
CR165 – Multi Driver Tip Only – +0 Phillips-2.5mm Slotted
CR166 – Multi Driver Tip Only – 1.5mm, 2.5mm Hex
CR167 – Multi Driver Tip Only – 2.0mm, 3.0mm Hex
CR168 – Multi Driver Tip Only – .050″- 5/64″ Hex
CR169 – Multi Driver Tip Only – 1/16″ – 3/32″ Hex


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