Eat. Sleep. RC. June 2016 Giveaway Update – LRP 5600mAh Mid-Shorty Competition LiPo Battery

Eat. Sleep. RC. June 2016 Giveaway Update – LRP 5600mAh Mid-Shorty Competition LiPo Battery

While we’ve decided to keep the electronics in this month’s Eat. Sleep. RC. HPI Giveaway car stock, the included SC-3SWP2 ESC is LiPo ready – 2S LiPo ready to be exact. That opened the door for a ton of options and once again we were able to include a high-end LRP LiPo battery.

The battery compartment can accept a full-size LiPo, but LRP wanted us to try out one of their new mid-shorty packs. These batteries are designed with a shorter case than a full-size pack and a longer case than a shorty pack. This gives the driver the runtime and power benefits of a larger pack, but the tuneability of a shorter pack. It is also configured with 5mm Gold Works Team plugs as well as 5mm-to-4mm adapters – a great addition since most people haven’t moved to 5mm plugs yet.

Since the Jumpshot MT doesn’t have a whole lot of tuning features, the ability to shift the weight around is awesome!

If you win this truck, you’ll be one of the first to test out this battery! Head over to and fill out the form for a chance to win it – oh, and the HPI Jumpshot MT as well!

Good luck!

HPI Racing,

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  1. Hey Tony phalen I just wanted to say that you are a good guy to giveaway rc models. THANKS!

  2. You’re welcome! Hopefully you’ve signed up for the giveaway for a chance to win! >

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