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New Tires from Pro-Line – Prism, Pyramid and Inversion

New Tires from Pro-Line - Prism, Pyramid and Inversion

Pro-Line Racing has released a trio of new offroad kicks for 1:10 scale buggies – the Prism, Pyramid and Inversion.

The Prism’s are designed for the front of your 4WD buggy and work best on high-bite carpet. They feature sharp, Prism-shaped pins in the middle with wedges on the outside for enhanced forward grip. They come in Z3 compound (medium carpet).

Pro-Line’s Pyramid’s are for the rear of your 2WD or 4WD buggy and are also designed for carpet use. The tires are covered with rows of tiny pins (shaped like pyramids) and have knife-point edges for maximum grip on carpet. They are also molded in Z3 compound.

Finally, we have the Inversions, a tread design that is basically the same as the Positron but simply inverted. These tires are best suited for tracks where ‘almost’ slicks are best.

8265-103 Pro-Line Prism 2.2″ 4WD Z3 (Medium Carpet) Off-Road Carpet Buggy Front Tires
8267-103 Pro-Line Pyramid 2.2″ Z3 (Medium Carpet) Astro Buggy Rear Tires
8266-03 Pro-Line Inversion 2.2″ M4 (Super Soft) Indoor Buggy Rear Tires

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