RC4WD Late July Product Release – A Whopping 19 New Parts

RC4WD Late July Product Release - A Whopping 19 New Parts

The boys and girls over at RC4WD have been working overtime to put out some awesome new parts for their July release – 19 new parts for everyone to enjoy!

Z-H0009 RC4WD 1/10 M416 Scale Trailer
Read about it: http://store.rc4wd.com/RC4WD-110-M416-Scale-Trailer_p_5646.html

Z-S1803 RC4WD ¼ Scale Knock Off Hub Set (FR/RR)
Read about it: http://store.rc4wd.com/RC4WD-Scale-Knock-Off-Hub-Set-FRRR_p_5631.html

Z-S1807 RC4WD Low Profile Delrin Skid Plate for Std. TC (D90/D110/Cruiser)
Read about it: http://store.rc4wd.com/Low-Profile-Delrin-Skid-Plate-for-Std-TC-D90D110Cruiser_p_5648.html

Z-W0223 RC4WD OEM Dually 1.7″ Front Wheels
Read about it: http://store.rc4wd.com/OEM-Dually-17-Front-Wheels_p_5649.html

Z-W0221 RC4WD OEM Dually 1.7″ Rear Wheels
Read about it: http://store.rc4wd.com/OEM-Dually-17-Rear-Wheels_p_5650.html

Z-T0159 RC4WD Goodyear Wrangler MT/R 1.55″ Scale Tires
Read about it: http://store.rc4wd.com/RC4WD-Goodyear-Wrangler-MTR-155-Scale-Tires_p_5652.html

Z-T0160 RC4WD Goodyear Wrangler MT/R 1.9″ 4.19″ Scale Tires
Read about it: http://store.rc4wd.com/RC4WD-Goodyear-Wrangler-MTR-19-419-Scale-Tires_p_5651.html

Z-E0095 RC4WD KC HiLiTES 1/10 C Series High Performance LED Light Bar (120mm/4.72″)
Read about it: http://store.rc4wd.com/RC4WD-KC-HiLiTES-110-C-Series-High-Performance-LED-Light-Bar-120mm472_p_5645.html

Z-B0147 RC4WD Chevrolet Blazer Hard Body Set (Digital Camo)
Read about it: http://store.rc4wd.com/RC4WD-Chevrolet-Blazer-Hard-Body-Set-Digital-Camo_p_5647.html

VVV-C0412 RC4WD Trifecta Front Bumper, Sliders and Side Bars for Land Cruiser LC70 Body (Black)
Read about it: http://store.rc4wd.com/Trifecta-Front-Bumper-Sliders-and-Side-Bars-for-Land-Cruiser-LC70-Body-Black_p_5657.html

VVV-C0414 RC4WD Trifecta Rear Bumper for Land Cruiser LC70 Body
Read about it: http://store.rc4wd.com/Trifecta-Rear-Bumper-for-Land-Cruiser-LC70-Body_p_5654.html

VVV-C0415 RC4WD Rear Mud Flaps for Land Cruiser LC70 Body
Read about it: http://store.rc4wd.com/Rear-Mud-Flaps-for-Land-Cruiser-LC70-Body_p_5653.html

VVV-C0416 RC4WD Metal Exhaust for Land Cruiser LC70 Body
Read about it: http://store.rc4wd.com/Metal-Exhaust-for-Land-Cruiser-LC70-Body_p_5662.html

VVV-C0417 RC4WD Trifecta Side Sliders for Land Cruiser LC70 Body (Black)
Read about it: http://store.rc4wd.com/Trifecta-Side-Sliders-for-Land-Cruiser-LC70-Body-Black_p_5656.html

VVV-C0419 RC4WD Metal Rear Window Guards for Land Cruiser LC70 Body
Read about it: http://store.rc4wd.com/Metal-Rear-Window-Guards-for-Land-Cruiser-LC70-Body_p_5659.html

VVV-C0421 RC4WD Malice Mini Roof Rack w/Lights for Land Cruiser LC70 Body
Read about it: http://store.rc4wd.com/Malice-Mini-Roof-Rack-wLights-for-Land-Cruiser-LC70-Body_p_5661.html

VVV-C0422 RC4WD Trifecta Front Bumper for Mojave II 2/4 Door Body Set (Black)
Read about it: http://store.rc4wd.com/Trifecta-Front-Bumper-for-Mojave-II-24-Door-Body-Set-Black_p_5665.html

VVV-C0425 RC4WD Malice Mini Roof Rack w/Lights for Mojave II Body Set
Read about it: http://store.rc4wd.com/Malice-Mini-Roof-Rack-wLights-for-Mojave-II-Body-Set_p_5666.html

VVV-C0427 RC4WD Malice Extended Roof Rack w/Lights for Tamiya CC01 Pajero
Read about it: http://store.rc4wd.com/Malice-Extended-Roof-Rack-wLights-for-Tamiya-CC01-Pajero_p_5668.html

For more information, please visit: www.rc4wd.com

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