Rogue Element Components NUTPOCALYPSE 2016 - Axle Nut Re-Issue
Thursday , 21 March 2019

Rogue Element Components NUTPOCALYPSE 2016 – Axle Nut Re-Issue

Rogue Element Components NUTPOCALYPSE 2016 - Axle Nut Re-Issue

Rogue Element Components has issued a NUTPOCALYPSE 2016 warning! What is that, you might ask? Well, how about a re-issue of every axle nut they’ve ever made!

Included in this re-issue list are 6 different nuts; Milled Knockoffs, Clod Spikes, Warn 8-Bolt (with Wrench), Classic Flanged, Classic Un-Flanged and Vintage Knockoffs. All are CNC-machined with a M4x.07 standard thread and come as a set of 4. Here’s some additional information from Rogue Element Components on each individual nut:

MILLED KNOCKOFFS- These are one of my most requested nuts: They have an elegance and delicacy that kills on the right vehicle. One of my favorites, I’ll be keeping a few sets for M’self!

CLOD SPIKES- These are the ideal size for trucks running large wheels, a full 1/2″ at the points & .630 long. They have a press-fit standard nut with a Nyloc washer installed so they won’t come off while running. Regular nuts are comically small & un-Manly for such trucks. These may be your single favorite part once you mount a set up, no more ‘Weenie’ nuts ever again!

WARN/8-BOLT MIXED- These need no introduction. Oh wait! You’ve never seen these? Then I’ll introduce ’em- These were our very 1st product, and have been re-issued several times over the years. I tried to retire ’em but the requests keep coming in, so….These are very scale, with front Warn ‘locking’ nuts & rear 8-Bolts. Pressed-in Nyloc nut for running. Custom wrench (Included) engages the faces of the nuts so it is not obvious how they go on & off. Definitely one of our Best-Selling items, I always get Emails that people are sorry they didn’t buy more once they see the detail- This is not just hype.

CLASSIC FLANGED- My most all-purpose nut. Great for just about any application. Awesome on Scorchers, Scorpions, maybe the new Optima? Pressed-in Nyloc nut for running.

CLASSIC UNFLANGED- It was brought to my attention that the Tamiya guys really like these, but could not get ’em- These were only available with a set of wheels I did a while back. They fit nicely in many wheels, and some decals (Like the Porsche ones) fit in the nut’s center. They are engraved with ‘REC’ for great looks either way. Pressed-in Nyloc nut for running.

VINTAGE KNOCKOFFS- These mimic the aftermarket nuts from the 80’s, but have a timeless look and complement many cars very well. Simple and clean.

All sets are $25.99, two sets for $50 or 5 sets for $100.


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