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Schumacher CAT SX3 1:10th Competition 4WD

Schumacher CAT SX3 1:10th Competition 4WD
Schumacher CAT SX3 1:10th Competition 4WD

The new CAT SX3 follows on from the highly successful CAT SX range. Stronger and more durable than ever before! An all new mid-motor design with central lipo battery positioning offers fantastic balance, control and agility. Jumping like the Pro’s is made super easy with the new compact layout and corresponding motor/wheel rotation. Awesome acceleration and straight line speeds are still achieved.

With the inclusion of the excellent large capacity big bore shocks, high down force MAX sized rear wing and new cool body the CAT SX3 remains the market leader.

Designed to race, designed to win! The CAT SX3.

• NEW Mid motor layout.
• NEW Optimum weight distribution with saddle pack lipo layout
• NEW 3 belt transmission with efficient low tension belts running on large size CNC machined pulleys.
• NEW Precision, hardened steel transfer gears. Superb durability.
• NEW Rubber sealed, super precision ball bearings throughout.
• NEW Larger layshaft bearings.
• NEW Rear belt power roller and mid belt tensioner now included.
• NEW Adjustable internal transmission ratio (2.2:1, 2.6:1, or 3.0:1) to optimise ratio for all motors.
• NEW design tight fitting body and undertray. Offers excellent dirt protection, aerodynamics and cooling options.
• NEW easy to assemble, rigid wing mount system.
• Motor rotates the same direction as the wheels creating a car with superb jumping responsiveness and no torque steer effect as is common with shaft drive cars.
• Super free ball diffs with silicone nitride balls, pro spec thrust bearing, and lightened steel outputs.
• Strong steel universal joint driveshafts.
• Smooth twin pad slipper clutch with easy access adjustment.
• Unique clamp motor mount to fine tune weight distribution, and allow motor changes without affecting gear mesh.
• Industry standard wheel fittings.
• Eccentric bearing housings for adjustment of belt tension and diff height.
• Layshaft or front one way option. Overdrive front pulley option.
• 2.5mm aerospace grade carbon fibre chassis and top decks.
• Horizontally split transmission housings for ease of maintenance and diff access.
• Ultra narrow chassis design to minimise grounding on roll.
• Rigid servo mount directly onto transmission housing for precise steering.
• Max sized rear wing.
• Class leading suspension geometry with durable components and a huge range of optional alloy parts, offering adjustments to set up your CAT SX3 to any track conditions.
• Adjustable rear roll centres, inboard toe-in/toe-out, anti squat and track width (using optional Speed Secret parts).
• Adjustable front roll centres, inboard toe-in/toe-out, track width and rake angle (using optional Speed Secret parts).
• Pro spec big bore shocks with titanium nitride shafts, CNC machined pistons with recessed ‘e’clips, threaded collars, twin O ring sealing and diaphragm volume compensation.
• Strong and rigid 4mm carbon fibre shock brackets.

Equipment Needed
• 2 Channel Radio
• Motor
• Servo
• Electric Speed Control
• Tyres
• Motor Pinion
• 2s Saddle Lipo Battery

CAT SX3 Specification
• Power Source: ELECTRIC
• Length: 360mm
• Wheelbase: 275mm
• Width: 242mm
• Top Speed: 40 MPH+

CAT SX3 S1 version includes;
• S1 Composite Material replaces all Carbon Fibre components.
• All further spec’s the same as Pro C/F Version.

Due Spring 2011


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