Team Associated Factory Team TC6.1

Team Associated Factory Team TC6.1
Team Associated Factory Team TC6.1

The RC10TC6.1 Factory Team kit is the next evolutionary step in touring car design from Team Associated. Building on the successfully proven TC6, the designers behind the doors of Area 51 added even more features, making the TC6.1 easier to tune and drive.

The TC6.1 narrow chassis has been designed around current brushless motor systems and LiPo batteries, optimizing weight distribution for superior handling. To further enhance handling performance, the TC6.1 has received updated suspension arms for increased stiffness and strength. These new suspension arms feature finer shock adjustments to help get the TC6.1 totally dialed in.

New caster blocks and rear hubs found in the TC6.1 feature integrated inserts for caster and rear-toe angle adjustments. Now you can change these angles by merely changing the inserts and not the whole assemblies, making the TC6.1 even quicker and easier to tune to the track conditions.

The TC6.1 features the new H.D.R.C. (High Definition Roll Control) system, taking anti-roll bar technology to the next level. The H.D.R.C. is built on a solid aluminum center member that rolls on a bearing surface. Roll stiffness is controlled and adjusted by the two wires that mount into the sides of the aluminum center member and link to the suspension arms. By removing the torsional flex with the aluminum center member, a higher definition of roll control is achieved with the different wire options.

New for the TC6.1 is the lightweight rear gear differential that provides maximum performance and low maintenance. The front spool now features replaceable composite outdrives that still retain the low friction, free movement performance of the CVA blades, while being much more economical to replace after a hard impact. Symmetrical blue aluminum bulkheads and cross-compatibility with TC6 chassis components also help make the TC6.1 more economical to run.

The TC6.1 comes equipped with the Factory Team VCS3 shock package that features hard-anodized threaded shock bodies with bottom-loaded seals. The VCS3 shocks are super smooth and have an increased stroke for more up-travel at the wheels, all adding up to more consistent overall traction.

Multi-position steering system with additional Ackermann options and an improved steering input rate gives the TC6.1 more consistent handling. Blue titanium turnbuckles come with new ballcup eyelets for easier access to the ball studs.

These are only a few of the many refinements that you will find in the RC10TC6.1 Factory Team kit – making it yet another Champion by Design!

•Updated suspension arms for increased stiffness and strength, as well as finer shock adjustments
•Hubs and caster blocks use integrated inserts for adjustable caster and toe angles
•H.D.R.C. (High Definition Roll Control) system
•Lightweight rear gear diff for maximum performance and minimal maintenance
•Front spool with replaceable composite outdrives
•Offset arm mounts help increase durability and minimize shims between mount and bulkhead
•Ultra-narrow chassis layout optimized for Lithium Batteries and Brushless Motors
•Symmetrical bulkhead layout minimizes spare part cost
•Multi-position steering system to fine-tune Ackermann/steering rates
•VCS3 Shock with hard-anodized threaded shock bodies
•Titanium turnbuckles with new ballcup eyelets for easy access to ball stud
•16 precision ball bearings
•Cross-compatibility with TC6 chassis components

Team Associated Factory Team TC6.1 Chassis Shot
Team Associated Factory Team TC6.1 Chassis Shot

Part #: 30107
RC10TC6.1 Factory Team Kit


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  1. I’m seriously thinking about taking the plunge and returning to 1/10 electric touring class to polish,my driving style and even improve ….I’ve always been a nitro guy so to return to this class of car and the unique driving style that requires more precise driving skill ..what will my investment be compared to nitro or is it the same cause I’ve always felt electric class was a few dollars cheaper..well I’m close but i belive the associated cars are a solid kit with many features.

  2. I’ve been a fan of the TC6 for quite awhile so I was happy to see it get the ‘.1’ treatment. The build of this car was a bit lengthy but it went together so easily…look for a build article on it here soon.

  3. This kit is awesome. Only one major flaw is the caster blocks. These items are super weak and with one little bump from anything they will snap like a twig. I have been through multiple sets and it has become very frustrating. The work around is to use the 6.0 blocks, but then the spacing is off and the blocks need to be shimmed. Still not the same…just and FYI…inside of the blocks are hollow. Good luck.

  4. Luckily i haven’t had any issues with mine. The TC6.1 has become my #1 racing TC right now so I’ll keep an eye out for this problem. If I encounter any issues with the blocks, I’ll be sure to contact AE to see what THEIR solution is. Thanks for the heads up!

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