Team XRay XB9

Team XRay XB9
Team XRay XB9

It’s time for the all-new XB9!
Juraj Hudy and the XRAY Engineering and Racing Teams have conceptualized and built the all-new XB9 platform based on long-term experience and achievements. The XB9 is all-new, featuring innovative XRAY Multi-Flex™ adjustment, superior weight balance and weight distribution, easy chassis flex setting for traction and stability adjustment, and more forgiving and easy-to-control handling. Long-term tested by Team and regular drivers in all conditions, the innovative design focuses all the way down to the smallest details to increase performance, handling, and reliability. All-new shocks feature completely redesigned parts which were real-world track tested as well as using special simulation equipment for extreme overload.

With Car of the Year award, Viewers Choice award, and countless wins and victories at racetracks around the world including European Championship title, XRAY presents the all-new XB9. All made in Europe.

All-new features:• All-new XB9 platform
• Innovative XRAY Multi-Flex™ setting
• All-new and improved weight balance and weight distribution
• Easy chassis flex setting for traction and stability adjustment
• More forgiving and easy-to-control handling
• Long-term tested by team and regular drivers in all standard conditions
• Focus on smallest details to increase performance, handling, and reliability
• All-new shocks with completely redesigned parts were long-term tested at tracks and using special simulation equipment for extreme overload
• New drivetrain parts for increased performance, weight balance, traction, and reliability

All-new parts:
• New narrower chassis is more flexible in longitudinal direction and stiffer in lateral direction
• New chassis flex adjustment
• New radio box plate with batteries relocated to front
• New side guards with Multi-Flex™ adjustment offer improved side protection against dirt and protection of the fuel tank
• New high-downforce body with side guides and improved engine cooling
• New rear wing with increased side stability and increased downforce
• New rear wing was specifically designed to work with the new body
• New more-reliable central drivetrain with larger outdrives and new central drive shafts with 3mm pins
• New drive shaft locking rings prevent the driveshaft from coming apart
• New drive shaft rubber covers protect the CVD drive shafts from dirt
• New front & rear drivetrain ratios feature 12T pinion gear and 40T diff gear
• New 13T clutchbell and central diff 46T spur gear
• New front & rear lowered shocktowers with one-line optimized shock positions
• New big-bore, long-stroke shock construction featuring all-new shock parts
• New increased shock stroke for increased suspension downtravel
• New reinforced shock ball-joints and shock balls with increased movement
• New hardcoated shock bodies with black coating
• New lower shock nut with shock shaft centering
• New shock collar for increased suspension downtravel
• New ultra-precise 6-, 8- and 10-hole shock pistons with different hole diameters
• New longer shock shafts
• New ultra-fine shock protective rubbers with new construction and mounting
• New rear uprights with dual holes for short and long arm mounting
• New rear suspension arm gives possibility to adjust the length of the arm depending on the track conditions
• New optimized shock positions on front & rear suspension arms
• New front suspension arms allow mounting of 5° king-pin steering block without needing to use offset wheel adapters
• New steering plate with 3 different Ackermann positions
• New improved, higher-precision servo saver
• New front brace
• New lightweight drivetrain parts
• New updated rear wing holders
• New body mounting via 1 front and 2 rear body mounts
• New sealing between body and side guards uses Velcro tape to prevent dirt getting to the chassis
• New central differential mounts

XRAY XB9 General specs:
• premium high-competition off-road buggy
• efficient Zero Kingpin suspension
• lightweight & strong composite steering blocks with molded-in steel bushings
• well-proven suspension parts and geometry
• ultra-low CG, all parts centralized in chassis
• optimized front/rear and left/right weight balance for perfect jumping
• pure racing design, highest performance, ultra-durable parts
• ultra-lightweight, high-tensile transmission parts hand-made from special world-renowned top-secret self-developed HUDY Spring Steel™
• drivetrain includes 22 high-speed rubber-sealed bearings for maximum efficiency and speed
• ultra-precision front/rear and center diffs with HUDY Spring Steel™ outdrives
• pinions, spurs, crown gears and clutchbell manufactured by HUDY
• steel brake disks for ultra-efficient, fade-free braking
• high-grip brake pads
• exclusive adjustable turnbuckles from Swiss 7075 T6
• small profile steering blocks with molded-in steel bushings and ultra-light caster blocks
• ultra-strong inboard & outboard suspension pivot pins
• front & rear anti-roll bars
• centralized engine positioning
• gearboxes with Labyrinth Dust Covers™
• clutchbell with oversized ball-bearings
• super-low profile foam air filter with redesigned rubber elbow
• larger-capacity fuel tank with capacity-adjustment inserts
• fuel line holders mounted directly on fuel tank
• fuel tank pressure cap with 1-piece profiled seal for perfect fitment
• XRAY Premium Shock Oils for perfect consistency
• Winner’s pedigree – European Champion, countless National and Championship titles, Multiple Car-of-the-Year awards


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