VBC Racing FF17 1:10 Front Wheel Drive Touring Car

VBC Racing FF17 1:10 Front Wheel Drive Touring Car

While FWD Touring Cars are super popular, there are those that think these cars could be a viable racing class … me being one of them. Another company that thinks the same thing is VBC Racing; introducing the FF17!

The FF17 is a 1:10 scale TC that is strickly FWD. It features an upfront motor setup that spins a full set of aluminum drive gears. The carbon fiber lower deck is designed to be used with either a transverse or standard layout battery; either a standard or shorty pack. The topdeck is kind of crazy; it uses a pair of 5mm vertical, carbon fiber plates to connect the front and rear of the FF17. Additional features include the 7075 threaded aluminum shocks and steering parts.

This is a great looking ride. I can’t wait to get one and give it a try!

D-05-VBC-CK26 VBC Racing FF17 1:10 Front Wheel Drive Touring Car

For more information, please visit: www.vbcracing.com

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