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Saturday , 19 January 2019

CompetitionX Gloo Toobs


Gloo Toobs allow you to apply glue to an area easily and with very little mess.

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How To Use
Simply insert one of the Toobs into the top of your glue bottle, tilt and squeeze. Gloo Toobs help control the flow and application of the glue, giving you a clean, Professional look. Not only that, it will help extend the life of your glue since you will be using a lot less!

When finished, simply wipe the tip and tap the bottle a few times on your table (to release any excess glue out of the tip). The hole is so small that you don’t need to remove it or put the cap back on! When ready to reuse, you may need to snip a very small portion off the tip to allow the glue to flow again.
Some uses for the CompetitionX Gloo Toobs:
• Precise gluing of tires to wheels
• Accurate glue-prepping of carbon fiber parts
• Detailed application of glue in emergencies with zero messy clean-up

The Gloo Toobs are not just for RC, either! Use them for model building, repairing ceramics, or for anything else that requires accurate application of your CA glue!

The package contains ten (10) Gloo Toobs (glue not included).
$2.99, includes shipping within the United States.

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Gloo Toobs

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