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Beginner’s Guide to RC – Part 2 – The RC Auto Mall

This page contains some detailed info on the different types of Radio Control Cars that are available. There is a form of racing for everyone including Onroad, Offroad, Oval, Dirt Oval, Monster Trucks, Motorcycles and even the larger 1/4, 1/5, and 1/6 scale!!!

As a rule of thumb, all similar types of cars (ie, 1/10th Offroad) are basically the same…it’s the individual manufacturer and their idea of what is a good design that sets the vehicles apart. For instance, Team Associated makes a shaft drive car, while Yokomo and Team Losi both make a belt drive. Each has it’s pros and cons, its the design of the belt versus shaft systems, the suspension geometries, and the general chassis layout that differs. The choice is yours, but my suggestion is to do a little research before purchasing your RC vehicle. Visit a local track and ask around. You might get 50 different opinions from 50 different people, but you’ll gather some useful information when you do step foot in the hobby store with a purchase in mind.

This chart below will give you an idea of what is available out there for you.
Type: indicates the ‘class’ of vehicle.
Scale: indicates what ‘size’ the vehicle is, 1/18th being small, 1/4 being quite large.
Power: available in Electric, Nitro or Both.
Kit/RTR: available in Kit form, RTR form or Both.
2WD/4WD: available in 2WD, 4WD or Both.
Ease to Drive: how difficult it is to master rated on a scale of 1-10 (10 being REALLY hard to master).
Ease to Maintain: maintenance this type of vehicle requires rated on a scale of 1-10 (10 being high maintenance).

Visit the RC Resources Page for links to the appropriate manufacturers.

Type Scale Power Kit/RTR 2WD/4WD Ease to
Ease to
Touring Car Mini-Z Electric Both Both 5 3
Touring Car 1/18th Electric Both Both 2 3
Touring Car Mini Both Both Both 3 3
Touring Car 1/10th Both Both Both 3 5
Touring Car 1/5th Gas Both Both 5 6
Rally Car 1/10th Electric Kit 4WD 5 5
Drift Car 1/10th Both Both 4WD 5 5
Formula 1 1/10th Both Both Both 3 3
Formula 1 1/8th Both Both 2WD 6 4
Offroad Buggy 1/18th Electric Both 4WD 2 (5) 3 (6)
Offroad Buggy 1/10th Electric Both Both 8 4
Offroad Buggy 1/8th Both Both 4WD 7 8
Offroad Buggy 1/5th Both Gas 2WD 6 5
Offroad Truck 1/18th Electric Both Both 2 4
Offroad Truck 1/10th Both Both Both 4 4
Offroad Truck 1/8th Nitro Both Both 6 8
Offroad Truck 1/5th Both Gas 2WD 6 5
Monster Truck 1/18th Both Both 4WD 2 3
Monster Truck 1/8th Both Both 4WD 4 8
Rock Crawler 1/18th Electric Both 4WD 5 2
Rock Crawler 1/10th Electric Both 4WD 5 2
Pan Car 1/18th Electric Both 2WD 6 3
Pan Car 1/12th Electric Kit 2WD 8 2
Pan Car 1/10th Electric Kit 2WD 7 2
Pan Car 1/8th Nitro Kit Both 8 4
Pavel Oval 1/10th Electric Kit 2WD 5 2
Dirt Oval 1/18th Electric Kit 4WD 5 4
Dirt Oval 1/10th Both Kit 2WD 5 4
Drag Racing 1/10th Both Kit 2WD 4 2
Motorcycle Onroad 1/8th Electric Kit RWD 8 3
Motorcycle Onroad 1/5th Both Both RWD 8 4
Motorcycle Offroad 1/5th Electric RTR RWD 8 4
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