Tuesday , 20 October 2020
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My Datsun 510

ABC Datsun 510
One of the coolest cars ever...in 1:10 AND 1:1 scale!

It’s an understatement that I love RC. It’s fun, it’s relaxing (sometimes), and I like to win. There has been a BIG kick in the scale area, and a company called ABC Hobby recently released a mini-scale 4wd vehicle called the ABC Genetic Mini. I did a review on this car a couple issues ago and not only did it work exceptionally well, the one defining factor is the killer bodies that are being released with it. Case in point, one of my all time favorite cars…both RC and 1:1 – the Datsun 510. This car has a major history with both the racing world and the street crowd, and it is a dream car of mine. One day I will have one, competely tricked out with a turbo conversion, full cage, racing seats and harnesses, fuel cell, a cool paint job, sticky tires and 15″ Mini-Lite wheels. But for now, I’ll blast around the track with ABC’s ol’ skool 510.

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Tony Phalen - As an avid RC enthusiast, Tony has been building, bashing and racing RC Cars for over 25 years. He has raced everything from 1:18th scale trucks to 1:5 scale motorcycles and everything in-between. He's also worked on both sides of the industry fence; working at and with many major manufacturers (as well as being a sponsored driver) to working for a high-profile industry magazine. During this time he has learned many tricks, tips and techniques and has transferred that knowledge to CompetitionX - the most informative RC website on the internet!

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