Axial 2.2 Falken Wildpeak M/T Tires

Axial 2.2 Falken Wildpeak M/T Tires for the Wraith

The stock BFG Krawler tires on my Wraith have seen some serious use. They’ve pulled my truck through snow, sand and water as well as over all kinds of rocks and branches. They’ve done a great job, or so I thought. Since they were my first set of tires, I just assumed that the way they worked was normal; scratching ... Read More »

TopCad 105mm Aluminum Piggyback Shocks for Axial Wraith

TopCad Alloy Piggyback Shocks for Axial Wraith

The first episode of my Axial Wraith project had me installing some aluminum goodies to help boost both the look and durability of the crawler. These parts worked great to reduce some of the flex, allowing the Wraith to have a more positive feel out on the rocks. The next area I decided to work on is the suspension; more ... Read More »

Yeah Racing Aluminum HD Upgrade Combo Set for the Axial Wraith

Yeah Racing Aluminum HD Upgrade Combo Set for the Axial Wraith

If you’re looking to do some serious rock crawling, your first stop should be Axial’s Wraith. Available in a few different flavors, this rig can pretty much conquer it all with its AR60 OCP-Axles, 4-link suspension, WB8 Wild Boar Driveshafts and BFGoodrich Krawler T/A tires. Upgrades for this truck are overly-abundant, ranging anywhere from body conversions to heavy duty axles to ... Read More »

Review: Yeah Racing Aluminum Damper Set

Review: Yeah Racing Aluminum Damper Set

Shocks, or dampers, are probably the most overlooked part when tuning any RC vehicle. Other than changing the oils and springs, it’s a rare case that people experiment with any of the other shocks options. For those of you that make that extra effort to fine-tune your ride, you’ll want to check out this new set of dampers from Yeah ... Read More »

Review – Pardus LiPo Charging Bag

Review - Pardus LiPo Charging Bag

With the inherent dangers of LiPo batteries, most tracks (and almost all big races) require you to have some sort of LiPo charging bag. This is great for Offroad or Touring Cars where removal is a pretty simple process, but what about 1/12 scale or F1? Removing the batteries out of these cars can sometimes cause a self-meltdown. Thankfully there ... Read More »

Review: Team Associated Qualifier APEX Touring Car

Team Associated Qualifier Series APEX Touring Car Video

The Touring Car segment is like the F1 of our hobby. These machines are designed to take full advantage of components like carbon fiber, titanium and aluminum. They’re sleek, lightweight, extremely fast and can pull quite a few G’s in the corners. If you want to get into this segment, you’ll need to shell out quite a few sheckles in ... Read More »

Review: HPI Apache C1

Review: HPI Apache C1

When I get any vehicle for review, I have a whole process I go through prior to taking it out on its test run. I usually pull it out of the box, give it a thorough examination and then set it aside and start writing portions of this article. For instance, before moving on I typically write this intro, At ... Read More »

Review: DHK Maximus

Review: DHK Maximus

As RC fanatics, when someone mentions Monster Trucks we have a pre-set notion of what that is in our hobby. We think of 1/8th scale (or larger) trucks that include big tires, big suspension, big horsepower…just big everything. With the release of the Maximus, I think DHK might be in the same mindset as us! The Maximus, which coincidentally is ... Read More »

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