Review: Hot Bodies TCX

Review: Hot Bodies TCX
Review: Hot Bodies TCX

The TCX is Hot Bodies latest and greatest addition to their Touring Car lineup. Based off of the Championship-winning TC platform, the TCX takes the next step by redesigning certain areas of the car to optimize performance. Being an on-road geek at heart (and loving my HB TC), I was excited to drive the ‘next generation’ and see if all the hype was warranted.

Hot Bodies
WHO IT’S FOR: Intermediate to Advanced
HOW MUCH: $470
VEHICLE TYPE: 1/10 4WD electric on-road touring car kit

-The TCX features a fully symmetrical, one-piece top deck. This design ensures equal flex over the entire car from left to right, front to back. It is also fully adjustable, having four different setting from soft to hard. Adjusting this is as easy as adding or removing screws in the top deck.

-The front and rear bulkheads are 3mm narrower than any of the previous HB cars. This allows for a long top link which helps the car drive through the corners.

-The suspension is pulled from the HB TC. The smart, reversible lower a-arms are carried over as are the droop screw and turnbuckles. The same suspension tuning options are available on the TCX, too.

-The drive belts have been reversed so they run down the right side of the car instead of the left. This re-design allows the motor and electronics to be moved closer to the center of the chassis, improving balance and weight distribution.

-The TCX comes equipped with a front locked spool and a rear ball differential. The spool is lightweight, 3-piece design that eliminates any front differential action, enhancing braking action and increasing front drive. This is pretty much standard in the industry.

HPI,, (949) 753-1099
Hot Bodies,, (949) 753-1099
Tekin,, (208) 634-5559
Thunder Power,, (702) 228-8883
Airtronics,, (714) 964-0827
Solaris, distributed by TOP Racing,, (650) 583-8898

Review: Hot Bodies TCX Chassis Shot
Review: Hot Bodies TCX Chassis Shot

To read the entire review including the performance section, be sure to pick up the August 2011 issue of RC Driver Magazine!

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  1. Hey Tony. I read your review on the TCX becasue I am recently getting back into On-road TC Racing. I have been an offroader for about 8 years now and it has come to my head that I need to race onroad. So as a Hotbodies guy I decided to pick myself up a TCX. I was just wondering since you ran the TC and the TCX that if you are able to give me some building tips and maybe if you have a set-up sheet that would be amazing.

    I will be racing in the winter on carpet and in the summer on ashpalt.

  2. Hey Giancarlo.

    The TCX goes together really well thanks to it’s pretty simple design. Build it straight from the box and give it a go. The only major changes I’ve done to mine are the rear toe block (from the kit 3.0 to a 1.5) and sliding 2mm spacers under each arm mount. Other than that, it’s basically stock!

    Let me know how it works for you!

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