Review: Kershaw Designs Grenadier III

Review: Kershaw Designs Grenadier III
Review: Kershaw Designs Grenadier III

I’m a huge 1:5th scale junkie. I’m not sure what it is…maybe the roar of the gas burning engines or the shear size of something 1:5th scale flying over some big jump. Whatever it is, I really dig it. At a recent 1:5th scale event, I saw a large, 4wd vehicle running around one of the tracks. Funny thing is it wasn’t making any sound! I walked over and talked to Dan from Kershaw Designs. He gave me the transmitter and let me wheel the silent terror around the track. It was super fun and had a ton of power! He told me a newer release was on the way and when it was available, he’d have one over to me. Readers, meet the Kershaw Designs Grenadier III. This could very well be the next big 1:5th scale class.

WHO MAKES IT: Kershaw Designs
WHO IT’S FOR: Intermediate to Advanced
HOW MUCH: $899
BUILD TYPE: Rolling Chassis
VEHICLE TYPE: 1:5 4WD electric off-road buggy
PART NUMBER: Grenadier

– The Grenadier III uses off the shelf parts from XTM and Traxxas. This makes finding replacements pretty simple when it’s time to rebuild or repair.

– Quite a few different thicknesses of aluminum are used throughout the Grenadier. Both the front and rear shock towers are a monstrous 7mm thick while the top deck is sized down to 5mm. The main chassis is an extremely thin 2.5mm thick.

– The front shocks are XTM aluminum 1:8 scale shocks, while the rears are Integy MSR8 units. Any Savage-based rear shocks will work too.

– Think a custom car can’t be without tons of tuning options? Think again! The Grenadier has multiple shock locations on the towers (however, only one on the arm), front and rear adjustable inner and outer camber links, ride height, Ackermann, steering knuckle positions, bumpsteer and anti-squat. Heck, you can even adjust the weight balance by moving the batteries front to back in 12mm increments.

– The huge, 7mm motor mount will accept most large-scale, 700-size brushless motors. The Leopard, 150A ESC mounts nicely to the top deck right in front of the rear tower. A zip tie secures it in place.

– What’s the fun of 1/5th scale if you don’t have lots of power? Depending on the power system you are using, the Grenadier will accept everything from a single, 2S pack to a whopping dual 4S-pack setup!

Kershaw Designs,
Traxxas,, (888) TRAXXAS

Review: Kershaw Designs Grenadier III Chassis Shot
Review: Kershaw Designs Grenadier III Chassis Shot

To read the entire review including the performance section, be sure to pick up the September 2011 issue of RC Driver Magazine!

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