Review: Kyosho DBX 2.0

Review: Kyosho DBX 2.0
Review: Kyosho DBX 2.0

One of the most prestigious racing classes is 1:8th scale. It is like the Formula 1 of RC, and if you’ve been crowned a 1:8th scale World Champion, you are definitely among the elite. This is an enticing thought for some of the newer blood entering our sport, but at the entry level, who can afford the high-dollar supercars it takes to get there? Well Kyosho has a solution. Meet the DBX 2.0, an entry-level 4wd nitro buggy aimed at beginners wanting a taste of 1:8th scale. Unlike the original DBX, the 2.0 features a few upgrades that place it closer to the 1:8th scale family.

WHO IT’S FOR Beginner
VEHICLE TYPE 1/9 Scale 4WD Nitro Buggy
THE BOTTOM LINE A fun buggy that is perfect for those wanting to get their feet wet in nitro

– Kyosho has released the DBX 2.0 as a comparably-sized 1:8th scale 4wd nitro buggy. Upon further inspection, my measurements put it just a tick under the typical 1:8th scale size. I contacted Kyosho and it was confirmed that the DBX is a tad smaller than 1:8th scale. So, those of you thinking you are getting a 1:10th scale buggy, rejoice that you are getting something bigger than you thought!

– The DBX 2.0 rolls on a set of sharp-looking 1:8th scale wheels and tires. While not the softest compound you can buy, these tires should work well and last quite a bit longer than those softies. In addition, any 1:8th scale wheel that incorporates the industry-standard 17mm hex will work on the DBX.

– I’m not a nitro guy and wasn’t really looking forward to starting, breaking in and tuning the GXR18 engine. After charging up my glow igniter and adding fuel, I was greatly surprised when it fired up almost right away! I let it idle through the first tank and then set it down to do some tweaking. It responded well and was actually very easy to tune.

– Dual disc brakes come standard on the DBX 2.0. Also standard is the adjustable brake bias that allows you to fine tune the front and rear braking qualities independently.

– Kyosho has included their new Syncro 2.4GHz transmitter system. This unique-looking radio includes knobs on a top panel for easy access. The knobs control the trims, EPA and servo reversing. It also has a two position trigger neutral point (70/30 or 50/50), making it ideal for both electric and gas powered vehicles.

– The DBX 2.0 comes equipped with big bore shocks. These oil-filled dampers did a great job of soaking up the pretty rough terrain at our test site. I even had a chance to utilize the threaded bodies for more ride height. Multiple adjustment holes on the shock towers allow you to tune the suspension to your liking.

– One thing that immediately catches your eye is the crazy paint scheme on the racing-bred body. This cab-forward design has hit the offroad buggy market in a big way. By creating more downforce, this helps stabilize the buggy on the track and in the air. Make it pre-cut (and pre-mounted) and add an eccentric 3-color paint scheme (in either blue or red) and you’ve got something that will turn heads!

Review: Kyosho DBX 2.0 Chassis Shot
Review: Kyosho DBX 2.0 Chassis Shot

Kyosho,, (949) 454-8854
Max Amps,, (888) 654-4450
Byron Fuels,, (712) 364-3165

To read the entire review including the performance section, be sure to pick up the May 2011 issue of RC Driver Magazine!

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  1. Is it possible to put a bigger engine than a .18 in it? I’m looking at buying a .28 engine made by Hobao and wondered if it would fit because it is almost a 1/8.

  2. In stock form, no, it won’t accept anything larger than a .18 engine. I haven’t heard about any conversions yet but I’m sure there are some available. I did a quick Google search and didn’t see anything so you might have to do a little more thorough search. Good luck.

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