Review: LRP SXX Competition Speed Control
Tuesday , 11 December 2018

Review: LRP SXX Competition Speed Control

Review: LRP SXX Competition Speed Control
Review: LRP SXX Competition Speed Control

LRP has an impressive history of making top-quality speed controls. Offering a Competition and a TC Spec version, the new SXX has you covered for whatever type of racing you plan on doing. I chose to run the Competition version since it was plenty of ESC for my Stock SC10.

The testing ground would be the new RC Madness track in Enfield, Connecticut, utilizing the same layout that was used for the Short Course Nationals earlier that day. I outfitted my Stock-class SC10 with the LRP SXX, a Tekin Redline 17.5 brushless motor and, to provide the juice, a Team Scream 5000Mah 45C LiPo battery.

At any race, the Stock class is one of the most competitive classes to enter in. Not only does it require a well set up vehicle, you also need equipment that can deliver every teensy bit of power available. Due to the ever-changing track conditions that weekend (damp and humid one minute, dry and hot the next), I knew I was going to give the SXX a work out! I started by gearing the motor a little on the conservative side and then headed to the track to lay down some laps. The track was damp at this point and the truck felt a little heavy, but the SXX powered through it like a champ. Upon returning to the pits, I ran the ESC through LRP’s Internal-Temp-Check System to see how hot the ESC was running. I counted 3 blinking lights, meaning I was well within the ESC’s temperature rating (1 blinking light is cool, 10 is close to thermal shutdown). I also noticed some muddy clumps up in the truck, one sitting right on top of the ESC. I think the addition of a little rubber plug over the fan connector would be a big help (getting the mud out was not so fun). After cleaning the ESC up, I figured it was time to really test out the SXX. I geared up 2 teeth and changed the Power Profile to 6 (a bit more aggressive and a bit more power) and headed back out to the track. The first lap out was a little startling as the SC10 now rocketed down the long straight. Hitting the jumps took a little finesse as the extra power (both the gearing and the new profile) launched the truck well over the landing ramps. The Team Scream battery provided tons of power, but with the SXX’s super-smooth throttle response I was able to drive the SC10 out of corners with ease. After a brutal 7-minute run (thanks to the seasonably hot and dry Connecticut weather), I brought the SC10 back in and checked LRP’s Internal-Temp-Check System again. Five blinking lights. Five! I was still easily within the temperature rating. Even though the track was large and fairly wide open, this still says quite a bit about LRP’s IceDrive Design.

The Goods
In addition to the new features incorporated into the SXX, LRP has kept quite of a few of their race-hardened ingredients. The SXX uses their state of the art C3 Technology to help keep operating temperatures down while in use. The ADPC 2 software boasts 10 power profiles, including all the profiles used by the team at different events. LRP has also kept its AutoCell System; an automatic NiMh-LiPo adaptation software that detects if you are using a NiMh or LiPo battery. LRP continues to use the Hall Sensor wire but has changed the plug location on the case. Plugging it in under the solder tabs not only keeps it out of the way, but helps clean up the installation.

LRP keeps improving their ESC designs with every new release. With new features like X-Brake, ADPC 2 software and the Internal-Temp-Check System, there’s not much this ESC doesn’t do. In fact, the SXX also has a function to allow you to change Mode settings without your transmitter! In addition, the SXX can handle up to a 5.5T motor and run on 4.8v – 7.4v setups, all in a pretty slick package. So next time someone blows by you at the track, check their ride. They are most likely running the LRP “Blue Is Better” SXX!

• Relocated sensor wire port helps clean up the speed control wiring
• Easy setup…just follow the blinking lights
• As usual, LRP’s super smooth, highly adjustable power delivery

• A rubber plug would be nice for the fan connector when not in use

Vital Stats
PRODUCT SXX Competition Speed Control
FITS All electric vehicles
PRICE $199.99

LRP, distributed by Team Associated (949) 544-7500

Tekin (208) 634-5559

Team Scream,

[as seen in: RC Driver Magazine]

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