Review: Tamiya F104X1 Formula 1

Review: Tamiya F104X1 Formula 1
Review: Tamiya F104X1 Formula 1

Formula 1 in RC has started seeing quite a revival lately with a slew of new F1 cars hitting the market. With events like the Tamiya Championship Series and the UF1 Series, there is a place for F1 fanatics to go to live vicariously through their F1 heroes. Tamiya has been the dominate kit for some time now, and the release of the X1 is proof that they aren’t ready to let that title go. I’ve got my car ready, my tires glued and my body painted. Let’s see if Tamiya’s next-level X1 can put me in the winners circle.

WHO IT’S FOR: Everyone
HOW MUCH: $270

– Tamiya’s standard kingpin front suspension has remained the same. They have, however, added carbon reinforced front steering knuckles for less flex and better durability.

– A titanium-colored aluminum front camber plate is standard issue with the X1. This plate allows you to add from 1- 2.5 degrees of front camber to your car. Being aluminum, it won’t flex or elongate the mounting holes due to repeated crashes.

– Any 1/10 scale servo will fit, but you’ll have to cut the mounting ears off to do so. I would suggest dropping a servo in here you plan on keeping in here!

– The X1 will accommodate any long or short battery pack. I chose a shorty pack as it allows me to mount the electronics on the main chassis and not the sides. This translates into better handling as you won’t have anything hanging off the side of the chassis.

– Instead of having a friction plate that has to handle both front-to back and side-to-side duties, Tamiya has separated the action with the addition of a roll damper. This system is fantastic and allows you to really get a grip on the rear suspension.

– While the motor may be centralized, the drive portion of the rear axle is not. This can sometimes cause an unbalanced feel under acceleration. Tamiya added a bearing supported counterweight to the opposite side of the axle to help, well, counter it’s affects.

– There are no tires, wheels or body included with the X1. While this means more money to spend before you can get the X1 on the track, it allows you to purchase exactly what you want instead of having additional parts in the kit you won’t use. I went with Tamiya’s Ferrari F60 and a set of Pit Shimizu tires mounted on F104 wheels. This combo looks awesome and is unbeatable on the track!

Tamiya,, (800) TAMIYA-A
Savox,, (855) 76SAVOX
Tekin,, (208) 634-5559
Airtronics,, (714) 964-0827
XCeleron, Distributed by Horizon,, (877) 504-0233
Pit Shimizu,, (909) 627-2800
F1 Paint Lab,

Review: Tamiya F104X1 Chassis Shot
Review: Tamiya F104X1 Chassis Shot

To read the entire review including the performance section, be sure to pick up the April 2012 issue of RC Driver Magazine!

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