Review: Tamiya Fast Attack Vehicle

Review: Tamiya Fast Attack Vehicle
Review: Tamiya Fast Attack Vehicle

There are two types of people in every hobby; those that do it for fun and those that do it to win. For example, let’s look at motocross. There are those that want to just go out to the desert and ride and there are those that want to go out ANYWHERE and race. That’s pretty much the same thing with RC. Today, folks, we are going to switch gears and have a look at a fun buggy, Tamiya’s Fast Attack Vehicle. No racing, no competitions and no double back-flips off the big jump. We are heading out and doing what everyone in this hobby started it for…to have fun. So put away those high end radios and stopwatches and let’s hit the dirt!

WHO IT’S FOR: Everyone
HOW MUCH: $170

– First off, who remembers this vehicle from WAY back? I do, and while it wasn’t one of my first RC cars, it was one of my favorites. I always enjoyed the killer look of the dune buggy, driver figure and M60 machine gun bouncing around on the spring. That alone is worth buying it!

– The FAV has a fully enclosed gearbox that houses a pair of stout transmission gears. The gear differential is rock solid and can easily handle the Mabuchi powerplant.

– The chassis is a made of a thick ABS resin that has a considerable amount of room for electronics. The TEU-104BK fits nicely in the chassis with plenty of room for any of the smaller receivers on the market.

– The independent suspension features swept-back front arms and a trailing-rear arm design. Rubber boots cover up the dogbones to help keep any dirt or debris out of them. Spring-loaded shocks mount to all four corners and, while they’re not made to soak up the bumps, they do provide some fun bouncy action that actually looks pretty cool. Like the original, even the spring loaded M60 bounces around.

– The Fast Attack Vehicle is manned by a plastic soldier. He is protected by a realistic cage that also protects the gearbox and motor. I decided to go with a Black Ops theme, so my buddy Charlie from CFX Paint gave the entire FAV a coat of black paint with some camo treatment on the hood. The driver’s suit and helmet also got a little camo love.

– The battery fits into a tray that is molded to the underside of the chassis. Removing two body clips is all it takes to drop the door down to replace the battery.

Tamiya,, (800) TAMIYA-A
Futaba,, (217) 398-8970
DuraTrax,, (217) 398-8970

Review: Tamiya Fast Attack Vehicle Chassis Shot
Review: Tamiya Fast Attack Vehicle Chassis Shot

To read the entire review including the performance section, be sure to pick up the January 2012 issue of RC Driver Magazine!

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  1. Great review of the FAV. I’ve become enthralled with this little buggy, and for some reason must have one.

    I’m an RCer that does it for fun. I bash on the track sometimes, but I do it with a Duratrax VW Baja Bug…so clearly, I’m not in it to win it.

    I’m thinking of doing up an FAV and trying to do it as close to the box as I can. Should be a fun project!!!

  2. Hey Jeff.

    I’m as competitive as the next person but I have the same feelings as you about the FAV. I had to have one so I feel very lucky to have the chance to review it. If you do end up getting one you’re going to love it. It’s pretty fun and looks so cool driving around. Good luck and shoot me some pix when you get it built.


  3. To Tony
    I just ordered a Tamiya Fast Attack Vehicle. Looking forward to building, and running it.
    Thanks for doing the write up for it.

  4. Hey Ben.

    Glad you liked it. The Tamiya FAV was one of my favorites when I was a kid so I was glad to see it come back. Fun car…hope you like it!


  5. Tony-
    Just start building my fav and was wondering how you attached the drivers arm to the body. I was thinking maybe crazy glue then was curious if people use epoxy, screws, or other methods to get those arms to stay. Thanks

  6. Hey Domriquie.

    I used CA to attach it initially, but then used Shoo Goo to make a nice, strong bond. Make sure you sand the two surfaces you are about to bond first…that will make the CA bond pretty strong to start with.

    Go luck!

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