Review: TrakPower RC TK-950 Soldering Station

Review: TrakPower RC TK-950 Soldering Station
Review: TrakPower RC TK-950 Soldering Station

Manufacturer: TrakPower RC
Product: TK-950 Soldering Station
Part Numer: TKPR0950
Price: $79.99

When you mention the words ‘soldering iron’ to someone, most people think about the cheap, $15 setups you get at the local hardware or electronics store. I know I did when I first started this sport. But I soon found out that those $15 units were junk and couldn’t compare to the high-end soldering stations that were on the market. But, at a price tag upwards of $250, it was a bit out of reach on my low-end budget.

TrakPower has just released their TK-950 Soldering Station, a high-end setup at an extremely reasonable cost! This heavy-duty, 60 watt station features an adjustable heat-setting that quickly ramps up to your selected setting. The slender, insulated iron includes easily replaced chisel and pencil tips for many different types of soldering applications. The Station also includes an iron stand, sponge a vinyl wrap. Finally, TrakPower backs their Station with an amazing 5-year warranty on the unit.

I use this iron on a daily basis for all my RC needs. It heats up extremely quick and allows me to solder strong joints on my motors, batteries, connectors and ESC’s. I’ve also had to use it a few times on non-RC items. Change the tip out (included) and I was able to repair a broken wire on my parent’s train that travels around their Christmas tree. I was also able to solder closed an open joint on a medallion my dad wears around his neck (yes, we took the medallion off FIRST).

It’s a great unit that I would definitely recommend to anyone needing a soldering station. And, at only $80, it’s a heck of a deal!

TrakPower RC, distributed by Hobbico, (217) 398-8970

[as seen in: RC Driver Magazine]

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