CompetitionX Site Statistics – June 2012

CompetitionX Site Statistics – June 2012
CompetitionX Site Statistics – June 2012

Well, as you can see, June has been a very good month for CompetitionX!!! I’ve been loading a lot more content on the site including builds, reviews, manuals and new products. I’m hoping all of this is helpful to you and is the reason you are coming back for more.

There are a couple of milestones here for CompetitionX; hitting the 30,000 mark in Unique Visitors, hitting over 50,000 Visits and eclipsing the 3,000,000 count in Hits!

Thanks for all the support and please, please, PLEASE check out the web banners and visit their sites. Their help is greatly appreciated.

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Tony Phalen - As an avid RC enthusiast, Tony has been building, bashing and racing RC Cars for over 25 years. He has raced everything from 1:18th scale trucks to 1:5 scale motorcycles and everything in-between. He's also worked on both sides of the industry fence; working at and with many major manufacturers (as well as being a sponsored driver) to working for a high-profile industry magazine. During this time he has learned many tricks, tips and techniques and has transferred that knowledge to CompetitionX - the most informative RC website on the internet! More articles by Tony Phalen

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