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HPI 5B AVC (or DBox-2)

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HPI 5B AVC (or DBox-2)

Hi Doc-
Can I use a Spektrum DX2E and SRS4200 (AVC) Receiver on my HPI Baja 5B? I was thinking it might make it alot easier to drive. Thanks for your help!


Hi Kudin,
HPI’s Baja 5B has been around a long time and it’s one of the coolest 1:5th scale buggies out there. There are also quite a few conversion kits out there to take it from a mild-mannered buggy to a full-blown, extremely fast 2WD monster.

The problem with it being a full-blown, extremely fast 2WD monster is, as you might agree, the 2WD part. Since only the rear wheels are driven, it can be a bit of a handful at times to drive. It would be great if you could put some sort of traction control system in it…

So, in short, yes! You can can install Spektrum’s DX2E and AVC-equipped SRS4200 in the Baja. It will take a little bit of set up to make it work but the rewards will be fantastic.

Or, you could keep the stock HPI radio gear and just install one of HPI’s new #105409 D-Box 2 Stability Control Systems. It basically does the same thing as the AVC without having to swap out all of the radio gear!

Good luck!
The Doc

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