Wednesday , 28 September 2022

RC18 Building – Dimpled Chassis

RC18 Building - No Mo' Dimpled Chassis
No Mo’ Dimpled Chassis
This mod will keep the bottom of your chassis from ‘dimpling’ when you tighten down the motor mount screws.

1. Start by removing your motor mount screws and motor mount.

2. Using 3 18T Motor Mounting Plates (#21140), glue one to the bottom of the chassis (in the groove), one to the upper part of the lower chassis, and one to the upper deck (see photo). PLEASE BE CAREFUL USING SUPER GLUE! IT BONDS FINGERS JUST AS EASILY AS IT DOES PARTS!

3. Take your motor mount (Factory Team Motor Mount (#21093) shown) and shave the upper area down. You want to shave only enough for it to fit in the motor mount area of the chassis.

4. Slide the motor mount in (some test fitting may be required) and screw into place. This should now prevent the chassis from dimpling and allow you to tighten down the motor mount!

This mod also sets the pinion higher up, allowing more adjustment of the motor and gearing (see below).

RC18 Building - No Mo' Dimpled Chassis

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