Friday , 7 October 2022

RC18 Building – Shock Building

RC18 Building - Smooth Shock Build
Insert shock shaft before the o-rings to ensure a smooth build.
Smooth Shock Build
If you follow the manual to build your shocks, sometimes, when installing the shaft, the o-rings will mis-align, causing a slight bind in your shock action. No good. Here’s a quick tip to make sure you shock build super-smooth every time!

1. Build the shock shaft and piston assembly per the manual.

2. Instead of installing the o-rings and shock body seal cap first as shown in step 2 of the manual’s shock build, install the piston/shaft assembly thought the shock body first.

3. Now slide the o-rings and seal cap over the shaft, then snap the cap in place over the bottom of the shock body. Don’t forget to oil up the o-rings!!!

Complete all 4 shocks this way and you should have some super smooth shocks!!!!

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