Saturday , 24 September 2022

Raul Garcia

Raul Garcia - As long as I have been doing this I have forgotten most of what I've done. I'm just a old dog in a new pack but have brought all of my bones with me. I hope to share some of my stories with experienced and non-experienced alike. I specialize in offroad and onroad electric racing but have participated in pretty much every form of racing to date on the ground. I dabble in flight, but don't ask me to put on goggles - I'd probably fall over. Leave it to the pros on that one. Everyone has their specialty and I know what I'm good at and have been doing this for almost 37 years. My first RC car was the Tamiya Super Champ, followed closely by the evolution - and had to have the RC10. There and then I was hooked. I look forward to the next event rubbing elbows and wheels to the checker flag! More articles by Raul Garcia