Saturday , 24 September 2022

Wally David

Wally David - Wally David has a storied past in the Radio Control car and truck world. He was looking for a hobby after graduating from Rochester Institute of Technology in 1986. One day, he happened upon a hobby shop in a suburban Philadelphia shopping mall. Up on the shelf was a Tamiya Hornet, a very basic, entry level off-road buggy style car and just in Wally’s budget. After playing around with the Hornet in the backyard, Wally found a local hobby shop with an indoor carpet oval and was instantly hooked. He returned one day with his trusty Hornet after making a lot of modifications to work on a flat track. What followed was a project that would ultimately wind up having an article published in RC Car Action magazine (RCCA). After a few months of freelance writing for RCCA, Wally joined the staff as Associate Editor in 1989. As a staff writer, editor and photographer, Wally had the pleasure of meeting many of the top racers of the era. Wally parted ways with RCCA in the early 90’s and by 1992 was out of the RC scene all together. He got a “real” job, got married, had kids, etc. After many years away from the hobby, Wally has returned. He currently races off road as well as touring car and whatever else he has the opportunity to race. More articles by Wally David