Editor's Choice - Element RC ECTO Trail Truck | CompetitionX
Friday , 15 October 2021

Editor’s Choice – Element RC ECTO Trail Truck | CompetitionX

Editors Choice - Element RC ECTO Trail Truck | CompetitionX

One of the hottest new rides to hit the crawling market is the ECTO Trail Truck from Element RC. This ride is based on the Gatekeeper, utilizing the suspension package and electronics that come standard in that truck – basically a GK with an early-year pickup body. This setup allows for some great crawling action (no fenders to rub) as well as giving the ECTO a platform for more scale features; dropped bed design, injection-molded front bumper, fairlead, mock winch, antenna and action cameras!

DATE: 6/9/2021
WEBSITE: www.associatedelectrics.com/element/
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• Stealth X Transmission
• Aluminum Track Bar Mount
• Replaceable Shock Mount Inserts
• Reedy Electronics
• Trailing Arm Suspension
• Behind-The-Axle (BTA) Steering
• Aluminum Steering Plates
• Integrated Servo Winch Mount
• Threaded Aluminum Shock Bodies
• CMS (Chassis Mounted Servo)
• Universal Front Drive Axles
• Stamped Steel Frame Rails
• 12mm Wheel Hexes
• Aluminum Motor Plate
• Telescopic Front/Rear Driveshafts
• Extruded Aluminum Driveshaft Splines
• One-piece Rear Axle Design
• Splined Front Axle with Adjustable Caster
• Machined Input Pinion Gear
• Metal Ring Gear
• Machined Steel Top Shaft
• Heavy Duty 5mm Diameter Steel Links
• Metal Ball Bearings
• Steel 25T Servo Horn
• Adjustable Front Track Bar

Unfortunately, I wasn’t a big fan of the Gatekeeper. I felt it was too tall and narrow for some sort of fast-moving U4-style rig. However, I think the idea behind the ECTO (the old ‘Dodge’ body on the same trailing-arm chassis) is where this rig will shine. The body gives it more of a crawler feel, meaning most will take it slow and steady instead of mobbing the rocks. This setup also removes a lot of weight from up high (the GK cage is now gone), lowering the CoG for a better handling rig. It is certainly on my list of future trucks to get – and should be on yours as well!

Enduro Ecto Trail Truck RTR

RC Across America – Dead Man’s Crawl 2021 / Element RC ECTO – Horseman’s Park – Apple Valley CA

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