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Hop Up Corner: Tamiya Dancing Rider

Hop Up Corner: Tamiya Dancing Rider

Best Performance Parts for Your Tamiya Dancing Rider

Tamiya’s Dancing Rider has become a very popular little 3-wheeler. It addition to it’s unique design, it’s a very fun little trike to drive. Moderate speeds, delightful handling and that amusing lean – all key factors on why people love it. That being said, there are quite a few hop ups available for it (and it’s twin, the Twin Rider). Let’s check out some of the cool items you can add to your T3-01 to enhance both the performance and fun value!

Ball Bearings

Hop Up Corner: Tamiya Dancing RiderIf you’ve ever owned a Tamiya kit, you’re probably aware that they typically don’t come with ball bearings. Instead, plastic (or Oilite) bushings are used. Well, the Dancing Rider is one of those kits. So, my first upgrade suggestion would be a quality set of bearings – thankfully Tamiya has just the set we’re looking for. If you haven’t built the kit yet, I would suggest getting these BEFORE putting it together – it’s kind of a pain to disassemble the entire trike.


Hop Up Corner: Tamiya Dancing RiderMore speed is always a good thing. Thankfully, Tamiya has a pair of option motors to increase your fun times with the T3-01; a Sport-Tuned Motor and a Torque-Tuned Motor. Both are 370-sized powerplants that are a direct fit, including the bullet plugs. In addition, both come with a brass-pipe adapter that allows you to use optional pinion gears!!

Aluminum Motor Mount

Hop Up Corner: Tamiya Dancing RiderIf you’re going to be upgrading your motor, you should probably add the Aluminum Motor Mount to your list of upgrades. This mount replaces the stock part and, since it’s aluminum, helps disapate the additional heat that might be created by your new, powerful motor. Multiple mounting positions are included to use a 26T, 27T or 28T pinion (brass pipe adapter is also in the package). The blue anodizing also looks cool and will give your Rider a shot of bling!

Rear Axles

Hop Up Corner: Tamiya Dancing RiderThe stock, plastic rear axles are great for the stock motor but if you’re going to beef things up, well, might as well beef things up. These steel rear axles will handle a LOT more power and are designed to work with standard, Touring Car-size hexes. This opens the door to alot more wheel/tire choices, including foams! The downside – you won’t be able to use your T3-01 wheels or tires anymore. But really, who cares – better rubber means more fun!

Rear Wheel Axle Weight

Hop Up Corner: Tamiya Dancing RiderThe final suggested upgrade part is the Rear Wheel Axle Weights. These weights come in two flavors – light and heavy – and attach to the rear axle to improve traction and control. They are color-coded so you can easily see which ones you have and will work with the stock or optional aluminum bearing holders.

These parts will boost the performance of your T3-01 as well as help take advantage of the power your LiPo battery can provide. Sounds like a win-win situation to me!

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