Thursday , 19 May 2022

Announcing the Team Durango DEX408

Team Durango DEX408 Buggy
Team Durango DEX408 Buggy

Since the first pictures of the DNX408 buggy were released, we have been asked by many racers from across the world when a conversion kit will be available to convert the car into an electric 1/8 racer.

Rather than releasing a conversion kit for a nitro car, we have studied the 1/8 electric class carefully and concluded that to make the best possible 1/8 electric buggy, we would design a new car.

We are delighted to introduce the Team Durango DEX408.

Of course, many of the components on the DEX408 are shared with its German National Championship winning brother the DNX408. This means that 1/8 scale fans can share wishbones, shocks and differential spare parts between their nitro and electric racing buggies.

Team Durango are passionate about engineering the best racing buggies we can. This is why we chose to design a new car, rather than offering a conversion kit with a few simple bits of plastic and velcro. Some of the features of the DEX408 are:

1. The same suspension geometry as the DNX408
2. Adjustable battery holders for different LiPo heights
3. Cable-holders for power cables and RX cables
4. Universal power capacitor holder for ESC (mounted between the batteries)
5. Stainless steel droopscrew downstops
6. Superstiff lightweight-chassis
7. Ultra-low, super-sleek, bodyshell (that looks like a racing buggy and not a bloated truck)
8. Perfectly balanced chassis with lay-down battery configuration for ideal weight distribution
9. Carbon fibre shock towers
10. Most of today’s popular ESCs fit under the bodyshell on the ESC tray

As with all of our cars, we have paid attention to the smallest of details. We truly believe that this purpose designed 1/8 electric buggy is the one other manufacturer’s cars will follow.


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