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Axial RBX10 Ryft 4WD Rock Bouncer RTR | CompetitionX

Axial RBX10 Ryft 4WD Rock Bouncer RTR | CompetitionX

After a couple teaser shots hit the interwebs over the past couple of days, Axial has dropped the vehicle we’ve all been waiting for – a proper 1/10 scale brushless rock bouncer! The RBX10 Ryft is a 4WD beast, featuring a cool orange (or black) cage setup that mimics those of the full-scale rock bouncers.

What We Like:
Of course, the look. It’s a beautiful rendition of what the 1:1 rock bouncers look like – huge cage, big ol’ tires and long-throw shocks! It’s also set up with a full selection of Spektrum electronics capable of handling 4S of power – that’s pretty massive in a 1/10 scale vehicle. Couple that with the AVC system and you’ve got yourself an out-of-control rig that’s in complete control. We’re also liking the color variations – orange for those who like to stand out and black for those that don’t.

What We’re Not Sure About:
Dropping in a 2200kV motor with 4S is quite a bit of power in a smaller vehicle. Previous vehicles like this (the Rock Rey, for example) have been limited to 3S, so it will be interesting to see if the drivetrain can handle that kind of power – especially the way the normal consumer drives. Either way, I’m sure there will be plenty of aftermarket support for this rig (ie, upgraded gears, axles, etc).

AXI03005T1 Axial RBX10 Ryft 4WD Rock Bouncer RTR – Orange
AXI03005T2 Axial RBX10 Ryft 4WD Rock Bouncer RTR – Black

For more information, please visit:

Purchase – Orange Version
AMain Hobbies - RC Car Marketplace

Purchase – Black Version
AMain Hobbies - RC Car Marketplace

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