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CompetitionX Preferred RC Tools

CompetitionX Preferred RC ToolsWe’ve compiled a list of our preferred RC tools we use when building or maintaining any RC vehicle. These will include our favorite support equipment like glue, car stands and carry cases. We will be updating the page frequently with new or better tools that we might come across.

Let’s get to it!

CompetitionX Preferred RC Tools - 1up Racing Premium Pit Mat1up Racing Premium Pit Mat
This is actually the pit mat we take to the track with us. It’s made from 3mm thick dense rubber and has a nice large footprint (609x1220mm/24″x48″) so there’s plenty of room for your tools, car, charger, radio and even a pit board. It can be rolled up to a small size for easy transportation.

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1up Racing Premium Pit Mat

CompetitionX Preferred RC Tools - MIP Thorp Metric Hex Driver Wrench SetMIP Thorp Metric Hex Driver Wrench Set (3) (1.5, 2.0 & 2.5mm)
When it comes to a metric hex driver set, MIP is by far the best in the industry. Their tools feature shanks that are CNC-ground from US Grade tool steel drill blanks and over-sized handles for a perfect grip. I’ve had my set now for YEARS without any issues – they’re simply the best.

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MIP Thorp Metric Hex Driver Wrench Set

CompetitionX Preferred RC Tools - MIP Speed Tip Hex Driver Power Tool Tip SetMIP Speed Tip Hex Driver Power Tool Tip Set (Metric) (3) (1.5, 2.0 & 2.5mm)
If you’re going to go all out with your tools, a power driver is something we certainly suggest. To get the most out of it, you’ll want the MIP Speed Tip Metric Hex Driver Power Tool Set, featuring the same quality shanks and tips that their drivers use in a locking format for your power driver. We use these often, helping to save your hands from fatigue during builds or maintenance.

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MIP Speed Tip Hex Driver Power Tool Tip Set

CompetitionX Preferred RC Tools - Makita DF012DSE Cordless Driver DrillMakita DF012DSE Cordless Driver Drill
The absolute best go-to cordless driver drill setup – hands down! This works great with the above MIP Speed Tips, comes with 2 batteries so you’ll never be out of juice and has an adjustable clutch that can be set for low or high impact. This is an invaluable tool in your pit arsenal – trust us on that one!

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Makita DF012DSE Cordless Driver Drill

CompetitionX Preferred RC Tools - ProTek RC TruTorque SL 4-Piece Metric Nut Driver SetProTek RC “TruTorque SL” 4-Piece Metric Nut Driver Set (5.0, 5.5, 7.0, 8.0mm)
We prefer ProTek RC’s 4-piece Metric Nut Set for a couple of reasons. One, we like the feel – lightweight and knurled so that we can grip them should we have sweaty hands (others seem to slip). We also like the color of both the handles and shanks and, of course, the easy-to-read size-markings etched into the side. They even come in a nice protective case for transportation to and from the track, however we’ve pulled our out and set them in travel case.

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ProTek RC “TruTorque SL” 4-Piece Metric Nut Driver Set

CompetitionX Preferred RC Tools - ProTek RC Lexan Body ReamerProTek RC “TruTorque” Lexan Body Reamer
Drilling holes of any kind into a body (new or used) requires the right tool. It needs to be sharp with a good gripping surface and, if possible, a gauge on the blade to denote how big to make the hole. The ProTek Lexan Body Reamer checks all those marks. It gets quite a bit of use around here with all the bodies we have going on all the new and project rides we do! Don’t leave home without it!

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ProTek RC “TruTorque” Lexan Body Reamer

CompetitionX Preferred RC Tools - ProTek RC Curved Lexan Body ScissorsProTek RC “TruTorque” Curved Lexan Body Scissors
Along the same lines as the Body Reamer, we like to have a sharp pair scissors available for cutting body lines, packaging, wires – pretty much anything that needs to be shortened or opened. I’ve had mine for quite some time now and they’re still as sharp as can be!

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ProTek RC “TruTorque” Curved Lexan Body Scissors

CompetitionX Preferred RC Tools - ProTek RC Digital Calipers with Hard CaseProTek RC 6″ Digital Caliper w/LCD Display & Hard Case
Making sure things match on the left and right side of our cars is pretty key for the best performance (like, shock lengths), so we often pull out our calipers during builds or maintenance on all our vehicles. The ProTek calipers feature a digital readout and include spare batteries as well as a hard case to protect them during storage or transportation. A definite must-have in your pit area!

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ProTek RC 6″ Digital Caliper w/LCD Display & Hard Case

CompetitionX Preferred RC Tools - STRC Shock Shaft PliersSTRC Long Shock Shaft Pliers
We use these STRC Shock Shaft Pliers whenever we are building or re-building shocks. I’ve had this set for a REALLY long time and they do a great job of gripping both 1/10 and 1/8 scale shafts. They’re also available in a few different colors. I added some tennis tape to help me grip using a minimal amount of force. So wonderful.

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STRC Long Shock Shaft Pliers

CompetitionX Preferred RC Tools - TrakPower TK950 Soldering Iron StationTrakPower TK950 Soldering Iron Station
There will come a time in your RC life where you’ll need to do some sort of soldering – connecting a new motor, replacing battery (or ESC) connectors, etc. We’ve been using the TrakPower TK950 setup for YEARS without fail! It has an adjustable temp for different applications, a nice, long cord and two tips – chisel tip and pencil tip. I’ve replaced the stand since I got it with one that uses a steel pad to help clean the tip. Still a great setup after all these years!

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TrakPower TK950 Soldering Iron Station

CompetitionX Preferred RC Tools - JConcepts Aero Car StandJConcepts Aero Car Stand
To help keep our offroad cars off the table during maintenance, we like to use JConcepts Aero Car Stand. It’s tall enough for both 1/10 and 1/8 scale rides and comes with a full sticker sheet to decorate it.

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JConcepts Aero Car Stand

CompetitionX Preferred RC Tools - ProTek Shock StandProTek RC 1/10 and 1/8 Shock Stand
An often overlooked item in your pit, a shock stand comes in super handy should you need to rebuild your shocks during a race, a crash or general maintenance! We like the ProTek stand because it manages both 1/10 and 1/8 scale shocks, comes with a magnetic pad to capture things like e-clips and assembles (and disassembles) in seconds for easy transportation.

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CompetitionX Preferred RC Tools - Pro-Line Tire GluePro-Line Pro-Bond CA Tire Glue
Another useful item you should have with you at all times is CA glue. This stuff is great for mounting up a new set of tires, repairing old tires, gluing parts together – heck, I’ve even used it to glue my fingers (not recommended). Pro-Lines CA comes in a soft bottle for easy dispensing and includes a pair of plastic tips to make application a breeze.

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Pro-Line Pro-Bond CA Tire Glue

CompetitionX Preferred RC Tools - Panther Offroad Tire Gluing BandsPanther Offroad Tire Gluing Bands
To help when gluing up tires, we use Panther’s Offroad Tire Gluing Bands. They are made from a stretchy rubber to help compress the tire to the wheel. Finger tabs let you easily position them for the best possible gluing experience! Even though they state they are for 1/8 scale cars, I also use them for mounting my 1/10 buggy and truck tires as well.

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Panther Offroad Tire Gluing Bands

CompetitionX Preferred RC Tools - Progressive RC iCharger 406DUOProgressive RC iCharger 406DUO
We’ve used (and tested) quite a few different chargers in our time with a few that are a bit more easy to use than the iCharger 406DUO. However, we chose the 406DUO for 2 reasons: 1) It allows a charge rate of up to 40A! Yes, you read that right. Most racers pump their batteries with that charge rate to get maximum power out of them! While I can’t say it’s great for the batteries, the power gain you get is noticeable. Reason 2) it’s tiny size. While you do need to include a power supply to use the 406DUO, the overall footprint of the power supply and iCharger (sitting on top of it) is quite small (my setup is roughly 7″ square). The only downside is the not-so-intuitive menus system but, once you figure it out, it’s actually not all that difficult.

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Progressive RC iCharger 406DUO

CompetitionX Preferred RC Tools - Bat Safe LiPo Charging CaseBat Safe LiPo Charging Case
Honestly, the Bat-Safe LiPo Charging Case is probably one of the biggest MUST-HAVES in this list. Before the LiPo fire happened in my house, my packs were basically sitting all together on a shelf. Now, I store the majority of them in a fireproof safe outside but the ones I use often (or need inside) sit in the Bat-Safe. I don’t use this to charge them (I have another setup for that), only to hold and transport them. Truly a piece-of-mind item.

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Bat Safe LiPo Charging Case

CompetitionX Preferred RC Tools - ProTek Super Hauler BagProTek RC Super Hauler Bag
We recently replaced our old hauler bag with this nice, durable setup from ProTek. The Super Hauler Bag has a ton of space in it, including a large upper compartment that is big enough to house at least one vehicle (sometimes 2 depending on the cars). The top flap opens to reveal more storage, perfect for tools and other small items like cleaning brushes, setup stations, etc. It’s sturdy, well protected and has an extending handle that is long enough that you don’t hit the back of your feet while pulling it. Bonus right there!

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ProTek RC Super Hauler Bag

If there are any cool tools you use, shoot us a message and let us know! We’re always on the lookout for new items that make building and maintaining our rides much easier!

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