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Eat. Sleep. RC. September 2016 Giveaway Car – Winner Announcement

Eat. Sleep. RC. September 2016 Giveaway Car - Winner Announcement

Congratulations to John Kent and Carl Holtz for winning the September 2016 RC4WD Giveaway cars!

3D Printed K-Rails:

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-Video transcript-

Hello everybody. Tony Phalen here and as you can see we’re in a little bit different set up than I’m normally at. I’m up north at an RC event so I’m having to improvise a little bit with the name pull for this month’s Eat Sleep RC Giveaway.

As you can see we have a pair of RC4WD Gelande II 1:18 Scale trucks and these cool little K-rails from a buddy of mine named Brian Scamfer. He’s going to have these on eBay; I’ll put a link down in the description for you guys if you want some. He did a little custom CompetitionX, we added a little paint – I think they came out pretty cool.

Let’s get to the name pull. We have our bucket of names here; we’re just going to do this real quick since we’ve been driving all day… oop-

We got some runaways. Thanks Danna for noticing the runaways.

Alright, so the winner of one of these and two of the K-rails is John Kent in California. Awesome – we’ll put you there John. Let’s put that down so no one gets your e-mail.

And the second winner of a Gelande II and two K-rails is Carl Holtz, also from California.

Congratulations guys – I’ll get with you shortly to get your information to get you your trucks.

So I’d like to thank, of course, RC4WD for a pair of their vehicles – that was really cool of them, and also Brian Scamfer for his awesome little K-rails. He’s going to have them in a couple different colors. We got some black ones because they look good with the white CompetitionX – oh yeah!

Stay tuned for next month’s Eat Sleep RC – we got something kind of cool coming up. I’m sure you guys will dig it. Thanks very much and keep watching!

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