HPI Releases RTR Sprint 2 Drift Sport 2010 Chevrolet Camaro
Friday , 15 October 2021

HPI RTR Sprint 2 Drift Sport w/2010 Chevrolet Camaro

HPI RTR Sprint 2 Drift
HPI RTR Sprint 2 Drift

The RTR Sprint 2 Drift Sport is now available with the aggressive 2010 Chevrolet® Camaro® body, pre-painted in bold matte black paint with chrome and gold decals for a street tuner/drift look. The chassis is factory assembled right out of the box, making the Sprint 2 Drift Sport the quick and easy way to practice your drifting skills. The RTR Sprint 2 Drift Sport is a complete drift machine that looks and drifts just like the real thing.

The RTR Sprint 2 Drift Sport chassis is 4WD for consistent drift action on a wide variety of surfaces, easy to drive, and has all of the features you need to adjust for a perfect drift set-up: camber, toe-in, ride height, Ackerman, and a wide variety of available shock oils and shock springs! With a big foam front bumper, reinforced molded nylon chassis, upper deck and shock towers, you’ll see that the Sprint 2 Drift Sport can easily take the abuse of drift driving. The full ball bearing, dual belt, 4 wheel drive transmission is very efficient and capable of handling high power modified electric motors down to 10 turns. Standard equipment includes a 15 turn motor, reversible electronic speed control, and a high quality HPI TF-1 radio system. And it’s all pre-built to precise factory specs to get you drifting quickly. Just add a battery pack, install AA batteries in the transmitter, and you’re ready to start drifting!

• Pre-painted body with matte black paint and chrome & gold drift decals.
• High quality HPI SC-15 Reversible ESC.
• Officially licensed Rays/Volk TE37 chrome plated wheels. 6mm offset rear wheels fill out the fenders and give the wheels the wide look seen on full-size drift cars.
• Hard compound Type A drift tires for controllable drifting with realistic looks and aggressive tread pattern.
• Foam bumper protects the car from potentially damaging impacts.
• Adjustable rear body posts allow you to mount a variety of different bodies without trimming or replacing the posts.
• Fine tune your suspension with adjustable turnbuckles.
• Complete set of ball bearings for a smooth and efficient drivetrain.
• Oil-filled coil-over shock absorbers with specially chosen springs for drifting.
• 2 degree and 3 degree rear hubs for additional tuning choices.
• Durable injected molded nylon main chassis.
• Front and rear shock towers with optimized shock absorber and camber link positions for ideal suspension geometry.
• Optional low profile front shock tower is included in the kit which allows the use of the full range of HPI 190mm bodies.
• Droop screws allow you to “race tune” your suspension settings.
• Precise bellcrank steering.

Length 17″ (431mm)
Height 5″ (127mm)
Width 7.5″ to 8.0″(190mm to 200mm)(adjustable using offset wheels)
Wheelbase 10″ (254mm)

[source: www.hpiracing.com]

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