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PSM Deltagrid Car Stand | CompetitionX

PSM Deltagrid Car Stand | CompetitionX

The PSM Deltagrid Car Stand is designed for 1/10 and 1/8 scale cars and is comprised of aluminum and carbon fiber parts. It has a unique look to it but, most importantly, has an adjustment system to raise or lower the lever arms for different vehicles.

It has an aluminum base with carbon fiber tubes and lever arms, making it a lightweight and portable option for carrying to and from the track.

Quick Stats
Product: PSM Deltagrid Car Stand
Part #: PS02370
Scale: 1/10, 1/8 Scale
Price: $59.99
Build Type: n/a

• 10th and 8th scale compatible
• Quick and easy height adjustment
• Up to 75mm ground clearance
• Deltagrid aluminum frames
• Carbon fiber tubes & levers
• Up to 30 Kg load

What We Like:
You can never have enough car stands, but having one made of aluminum and carbon fiber is pretty cool. It’s a nice unit and we love that it’s adjustable for different racing classes.

What We’re Not Sure About:
Doesn’t look like it folds down, giving it a large footprint all of the time.

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