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Rogue Element Components Custom Alloy Car Stands

Rogue Element Components Custom Alloy Car Stands
Rogue Element Components Custom Alloy Car Stands

OK fellow Scale enthusiasts, time for something different! Having done these, I realized that a lot of my cars could benefit from a stand, and figured other people’s could also. I’ve seen wooden blocks, bean bags, paint caps, etc. used for a long time……Time to serious up methinks!

These stands can be milled with any 12-character wording (In the same font shown) you wish- Your name, Vehicle’s name, club name, you name it: Milled from .5″ & 1/4″ 6061-T6 Alloy, they elevate the chassis enough to take the stress off the suspension & tyres, without being sky-high. Measures 1.4″ tall x approx. 5″ wide, these make anything put on them look classier. Assembles with setscrews. These come in a natural finish wherever the metal is not milled- Looks Great! But can also be polished Super-Easy if desired. Comes with some stick-on felt so as not to scratch car or table.

So, you’ve seen other ‘stands’, and want some with a serious industrial look? Now’s the time! Stands don’t come along every day……Don’t put a rig you’ve showered with love on an old roll of duct tape! Show it off proper. Pics of your ride on a nice stand WILL get extra attention.

Price: $24.99 ea. for quantities up to 4. Order 5 or more, get ’em for only $21.99 ea w/shipping worldwide! Please include a note or Email me at chris@rogueelementcomponents.com listing just what you’d like written, including spaces, etc. if not totally obvious.

Remember, these, like all of our offerings, are custom made in the REC Skunkworks, and are ONLY available for a SHORT TIME to deposit paying customers! We are a specialty manufacturer for discerning individuals, not a hobby shop, so do NOT maintain an inventory! Please submit your deposit of $5 PER ORDER (Or full payment if you like) by the 23rd of March (10 days): The next day I start cutting, so be on the list of guys who do not compromise. If you’re unsure how I do things, take just a minute & go to www.rogueelementcomponents.com : All will be made clear.

You will be notified of your balance due via Paypal a bit before the Estimated Shipping Date. Simple! These babies will go out fairly quick.

Feel free to contact me with any questions, E-mail is probably best.

Paypal/Email address: chris@rogueelementcomponents.com

Deposit Due/Order Cutoff date: March 23, 2012
Estimated Shipping Date: April 2, 2012

[source: www.rogueelementcomponents.com]

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