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Speed Passion RS2 Stadium Truck

Speed Passion RS2 Stadium Truck

Speed Passion has just released a 1/10th Scale Stadium Truck, the RS2. The RS2 comes equipped with Speed Passions Cirtix Inspire 2.0 ESC and Sport Tuned 9.5 brushless motor. A Carrera 2 2.4GHz radio system is also included.

Additional Features
5mm Ultra High active power 2P battery connector
Special Design for High Performance racing Locking high current connectors for Lipo and LiFe battery product.

Adjustable 4 Position Wheelie Bar
Fully adjustable wheelie bar made with heavy duty composite material that can handle all type of motor power. All the power will not be wasted and will keep the RS2 on the track at all time. It has easy access if they are not needed and can be remove in no time.

Full Bearings
High quality rubber-sealed ball bearings thru-ou the car and provide extreme low friction performance. It is virtually maintenance free due to the rubber-sealed design and will make sure the whole transmission are smooth and in top notch performance.

Telescopic Driveshafts
RS2 features the extendable driveshafts to provide maximum power and dusability for extreme condition. The extra silver capture rings to prevent any failure from the driveshafts so power will be delivered to the wheel at all time without failure. Ultra long design to provide more then enough suspension travel range for all type of track condition.


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