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Tamiya 2024 Re-Issue Kits | CompetitionX

Tamiya 2024 Re-Issue Kits | CompetitionX

Tamiya has announced the re-release/re-issue of 4 of their very popular kits. They are:

47367 Manta Ray (2018)
47372 Subaru Impreza Mexico 2004 (TT-01 Type-E)
47432 Super Clod Buster Black Edition
47484 1990 Mercedes-Benz C 11

While all 4 of these kits remain the same, the Manta Ray, Subaru and Merc are not getting the -A labeling (that denotes the addition of the Hobbywing THW-1060 ESC). However, the Super Clod Buster is getting the THW 0880 Brushed Dual Motor ESC included in the box.

Quick Stats
Product: Tamiya 2024 Re-Issue Kits
Part #: See Above
Scale: 1/10 Scale
Price: $Varies
Build Type: Kit

What We Like:
Out of all 4 of those cars, we’ve only had the Subie and C 11. The Manta Ray and SCB have always been on our radar so we’re going to do our best to grab one of each of those!!!! This are also great releases for those that have always wanted them but never had a chance to pick one up.

What We’re Not Sure About:
Nothing. More re-issues please!

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