CompetitionX – The List – June 2022

CompetitionX - The List - June 2022

Welcome to the June 2022 edition of The List. There were quite a few great releases last month – well over 5 – but we narrowed the list down to our Top 5 picks, so here we go.

ARRMA Ford Nascar Truck for the Infraction 6S BLX | CompetitionX
1. ARRMA NASCAR Body Set for the Infraction 6S BLX
ARRMA’s Infraction 6S BLX is one giant piece of onroad goodness. Capable of some serious speeds, the 4WD platform features a whole slew of Spektrum gear to make it one incredible performer. This ride already comes with a truck body, so it was a no-brainer as the platform to use when ARRMA teamed up with Zane Smith to produce a NASCAR Truck shell. It is a fully-licensed replica with only a 1500 unit run, pre-cut and pre-decaled, ready to be mounted on your Infraction. We chose it for The List for, obviously, how killer it looks but also that this conglomeration could bring alot more eyes to our industry. And did I mention it looks cool. VERY cool.
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CompetitionX Ball Cup Building Tool | CompetitionX
2. CompetitionX Ball Cup Building Tool
Ok, maybe a little biased on this one, but we really think our CompetitionX Ball Cup Building Tool would be a great addition to anyone’s tool arsenal. It has two sides – one for traditional ball ends and one for wider ones – and a large ‘holding’ area that makes it easy to hang on to while you’re building turnbuckles. It can also be used for attaching shock rod ends as well. It’s available in two colors that signify two different materials. Makes great stocking stuffers at Christmas time and that promo video – it’s hella funny! Go check it out!
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Tamiya McLaren Senna TT-02 Touring Car | CompetitionX
3. Tamiya McLaren Senna TT-02
An absolutely stunning car in 1:1 scale, Tamiya has put this beauty in our hands in 1:10! The Senna rides on Tamiya’s TT-02 chassis which is a little unfortunate (we would have like to see on something like the TC-01), but still makes it a fun, inexpensive car for the masses. They body is stunning – deep cuts in the front and sides, amazing decal package and a separately molded, ABS rear wing and side mirrors. Overall, this kit shows why Tamiya is the best at what they do – the reason we feel it needs to be on this month’s The List.
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Traxxas TRX6 6x6 Ultimate RC Hauler | CompetitionX
4. Traxxas TRX-6 6×6 Ultimate RC Hauler Flatbed Tow Truck
Only a company like Traxxas could produce a 6×6 Flatbed Tow Truck and have it be the talk of the nation! That being said, it is quite the marvel with features like an extended steel frame chassis, triple portal axles with 6WD, their powerful Titan 21T 550 motor and XL-5 HV ESC pre-installed, a large flat bed with adjustable wheel chocks and tie downs and a killer big rig body with a full set of LED lighting – literally everywhere! The only thing this rig is missing is a launchable flat bed – oh wait, someone did that already. Ya, The List wouldn’t be the same without adding this awesome rig so, there ya go. Great job on this Traxxas.
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R1 Wurks Digital 3 1/8 Scale ESC | CompetitionX
5. R1 Wurks Digital 3 1/8 Scale ESC
We’ve been using R1 Wurks equipment in all of our race cars for quite some time. The gear is just fast, no matter if it’s 17.5T, 21.5T or 25.5T – of which we’ve used them all! Recently R1 has dipped their toes into the Drag Racing market and just released a new 550-sized Drag motor and the Digital 3 1/8 ESC – for Drag Racing. Most will see it that way – us, however, see it as R1 starting their trek towards 1/8 scale dominance. They’ve got some stiff competition for sure, but we respect a new-ish company digging in and going for the gold, especially in a hero class like 1/8 scale. We’re excited to see how it goes and wish them luck – and a slot in this month’s The List!
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So that’s it for this month’s The List. If you’re interested to see more Top 5 articles, you can check them out here: The List

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