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CompetitionX – The List – September 2022

The List - September 2022

Welcome to the September 2022 edition of The List. This month was a little light on the ‘cool’ stuff, but we did find these 5 items to be groovy enough to add them to The List. Let’s take a look at them.

1. RCMAKER 3D Pro Carbon Car StackerThe List - September 2022
Track space, or even your space at home, can sometimes get quite cramped if you bring along more than 1 vehicle. That being said, RCMAKER has the perfect solution for you – the 3D Pro Carbon Car Stacker. This stacking system is available in two formats – 1/10 and 1/12 onroad and 1/10 – 1/8 offroad. Both of these stands feature a 3D printed base with pockets for storing body clips and multiple, adjustable ‘shelves’ for stacking your rides. The tower and arms are cut from carbon fiber for a Pro-guy look. The onroad version can hold 3 cars, while the offroad can handle 2. We think these really do look rad and will spice up both your pit or home-work place!
More Info – 1/10-1/12 Onroad:
More Info – 1/10-1/8 Offroad:

2. INJORA 1.0″ Comp Pin Multi-Terrain TiresThe List - September 2022
Tiny trucks (ie, 1/24 scalers) have been getting alot of aftermarket support recently, with Injora being one of the leaders in that category. Their latest upgrade are these 1.0″ Comp Pin Multi-Terrain Tires. Molded from their super-sticky S4 compound, these tires have perfectly-spaced pins that allow for maximum grip on almost any surface. They fit a standard 1.0″ wheel and are designed to work with any 1/18 and 1/24 scale ride (ie, SCX24, Enduro24, FCX24, etc). They have an outside diameter of 2.56″ and are sold in a pack of 4. We can definitely see some cool projects coming out using these tires!
More Info:

3. TREAL Portal Axles – Axial SCX24The List - September 2022
TREAL is another company heavily supporting the Tiny Truck phenomenon. They’ve released a set of front and rear portal axles for the SCX24. CNC-machined from 7075 aluminum, these axles come pre-assembled with the red cover – all you need to do is install your stock worm gears and bearings. These should add good ground clearance and durability to your rig, not to mention a little more weight down low where it’s needed. A cool set of parts for sure.
More Info – Front:
More Info – Rear:

4. Traction Hobby 1/7 Citroen WRC Rally Car
Rumor is that bigger is better – well we can assure you in this case it’s true! The 1/7 scale Citroen WRC C3 Rally Car from Traction Hobby is friggin’ cool looking with its big ol’, fully detailed Citroen body, huge rear wing, mirrors, interior and driver figure! Match that up to a 1/8 scale designed chassis complete with 6061-T6 aluminum chassis, metal-geared servo, 2.4GHz radio system, 1900kV brushless motor and a 6S-capable brushless ESC – this is one powerful setup destined to keep this Rally car sliding! We love it, we want one and we feel its certainly deserving of a spot on this month’s The List!
More Info:

5. WRC F22.1 Formula 1 CarThe List - September 2022
There are plenty of F1 cars out in the market right now, but none that come complete with the 2022-Spec body, wings and wheels! WRC’s F22.1 does just that – looking just like the current 1:1 F1 cars – and plants all of that on a stellar looking carbon fiber chassis. It features a narrow lower chassis plate, inline, quick-adjust battery mounting system, titanium rear axle, wheelbase adjustments and more. It really is a beautiful car, inside and out. We’re looking forward to seeing one of these in person, but for now you’ll have to check it out here on this month’s The List!
More Info:

So that’s it for this month’s The List. If you’re interested to see more Top 5 articles, you can check them out here: The List

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