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Past World Champions

The pinnacle of any RC racers career would be winning a World Championship. Only a small few are capable of accomplishing this feat. To win a World Championship, a driver must possess a combination of speed, precision driving and an extra dose of ice running through their veins. CompetitionX has compiled an ongoing list of winners that runs all the way back to the first World Championships in 1977.

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1/8 Scale Formula IC

1977Monaco MonacoPhil Greeno EnglandPB9 International
1979Geneva, Switzerland SwitzerlandGiulio Ghersi ItalyPB9 International

1/8 Scale Sport IC

1977Pomona, CA, USA United StatesButch Kroells United StatesTeam Associated RC100
1979Monaco MonacoPhil Booth United KingdomPB9 International
1981Indianapolis, IN, USA United StatesArturo Carbonell United StatesDelta Super J
1983Camoux, France FranceDavid Lecat FrancePB Alpha
1985Tokyo, Japan JapanRody Roem NetherlandsSerpent Quattro
1987Pomona, CA, USA United StatesRe-Pete Fusco United StatesTeam Associated RC500
1989Heemstede, Netherlands NetherlandsLamberto Collari ItalyBMT 891
1991Austin, TX, USA United StatesLamberto Collari ItalyBMT 891
1993Gothenburg, Sweden SwedenLamberto Collari ItalyBMT 933
1995Phuket, Thailand ThailandLamberto Collari ItalySerpent Excel
1997Toluca, Mexico MexicoLamberto Collari ItalySerpent Vector
1999Clemont Ferrand, France FranceAdrien Bertin FranceMugen Sting
2001Sydney, Australia AustraliaKenji Osaka JapanMugen MRX-3
2003Hamilton, OH, USA United StatesLamberto Collari ItalyKyosho Evolva 2005 WC
2005Sicily, Italy ItalyLamberto Collari ItalyKyosho Evolva
2007Cordoba, Argentina ArgentinaLamberto Collari ItalyKyosho Evolva M3
2009Lostallo, Switzerland PortugalLamberto Collari ItalyKyosho Evolva M3 Evo
2011Homestead, FL, USA United StatesRobert Pietsch GermanyMugen MRX-5
2013Chiba/Tokyo, Japan JapanTadahiko Sahashi JapanSerpent 977 Viper

1/12 Stock

1982Anaheim, CA, USA United StatesKent Clausen United StatesTeam Associated RC12E
1984Heming, Denmark DenmarkBud Bartos United States 

1/12 Modified

1982Anaheim, CA, USA United StatesArturo Carbonell United StatesDelta Phaser
1984Heming, Denmark DenmarkTony Neisinger United StatesTeam Associated RC12i
1986Las Vegas, NV, USA United StatesTony Neisinger United StatesTeam Associated RC12L
1988Baarn, Netherlands NetherlandsMasami Hirosaka JapanTeam Associated RC12L
1990Singapore SingaporeChris Doseck United StatesTeam Associated RC12L
1992Grand Rapids, MI, USA United StatesTony Neisinger United StatesTeam Associated RC12LW
1994Paris, France FranceDavid Spashett United KingdomCorally SP12G2
1996Montclair, CA, USA United StatesMasami Hirosaka JapanTeam Associated RC12LC
1998Newcastle, England EnglandDavid Spashett United KingdomTrinity
2000Tsukuba, Japan JapanMasami Hirosaka JapanTeam Associated RC12L3
2002Gauteng, South Africa South AfricaMasami Hirosaka JapanYokomo 12LY
2004Kissimmee, FL, USA United StatesMasami Hirosaka JapanTeam Associated RC12L4
2006Collegno, Italy ItalyDavid Spashett United KingdomCorally SP12X US Spec
2008Bangkok, Thailand ThailandNaoto Matsukura JapanTeam Associated RC12R5
2010Burgdorf, Germany GermanyNaoto Matsukura JapanYokomo R12
2012Heemstede, Netherlands NetherlandsNaoto Matsukura JapanYokomo R12

2WD Buggy

1985Pomona, CA, USA United StatesJay Halsey United StatesTeam Associated RC10
1987Romsey, UK United KingdomJoel Johnson United StatesKyosho Ultima
1989Sydney, Australia AustraliaMasami Hirosaka JapanTeam Associated RC10
1991Detroit, MI, USA United StatesMasami Hirosaka JapanTeam Associated RC10
1993Basildon, UK United KingdomBrian Kinwald United StatesTeam Associated RC10 Worlds Car
1995Tsukuba, Japan JapanMatt Francis United StatesTeam Associated RC10B2
1997Pomona, CA, USA United StatesBrian Kinwald United StatesTeam LosiXX-CR
1999Rauma, Finland FinlandMasami Hirosaka JapanTeam Associated RC10B3
2001Pretoria, South Africa South AfricaMatt Francis United StatesTeam Losi XXX
2003Largo, FL, USA United StatesBilly Easton United StatesTeam Associated RC10B4
2005Collegno, Italy ItalyNeil Cragg EnglandTeam Associated RC10B4
2007Ishikawa, Japan JapanHayato Matsuzaki JapanTeam Associated RC10B4
2009Pretoria, South Africa South AfricaMartin Achter GermanyTeam Associated RC10B4
2011Vassa, Finland FinlandRyan Cavalieri United StatesTeam Associated RC10B4.1
2013Chico, CA, USA United StatesJared Tebo United StatesKyosho RB6

4WD Buggy

1985Pomona, CA, USA United StatesGil Losi Jr. United StatesYokomo Super Dog Fighter
1987Romsey, UK United KingdomMasami Hirosaka JapanSchumacher Cat XL
1989Sydney, Australia AustraliaMasami Hirosaka JapanYokomo Super Dog Fighter
1991Detroit, MI, USA United StatesCliff Lett United StatesYokomo Super Dog Figher Works ’91
1993Basildon, UK United KingdomMasami Hirosaka JapanYokomo Super Dog Fighter Works ’93
1995Tsukuba, Japan JapanMark Pavidis United StatesYokomo Super Dog Fighter YZ-10
1997Pomona, CA, USA United StatesMasami Hirosaka JapanYokomo Super Dog Fighter MX-4
1999Rauma, Finland FinlandJukka Steenari FinlandTeam Losi XX4
2001Pretoria, South Africa South AfricaJukka Steenari FinlandTeam Losi XX4
2003Largo, FL, USA United StatesRyan Cavalieri United StatesTeam Losi XXX4
2005Collegno, Italy ItalyRyan Cavalieri United StatesJConcepts BJ4
2007Ishikawa, Japan JapanJared Tebo United StatesTeam Associated B44
2009Pretoria, South Africa South AfricaMartin Achter GermanyTeam Durango DEX410
2011Vassa, Finland FinlandRyan Cavalieri United StatesTeam Associated B44.1
2013Chico, CA, USA United StatesSteven Hartson United StatesTeam Associated B44.2

1/8 IC Off Road

1986Grenoble, France FranceFrederic Veysseyre FranceYankee 86
1988Mantua, Italy ItalyMaurizio Monesi ItalyGarbo Roadfighter
1990Bangkok, Thailand ThailandKoji Sanada JapanMugen Super Sport
1992Usingen, Germany GermanyKokushi Toge JapanKyosho Inferno
1994Kirchschlag, Austria AustriaMaurizio Monesi ItalyKyosho Turbo Inferno
1996Hampshire, England EnglandAlex Laffranchi ItalyKyosho Inferno MP-5
1998Coimbra, Portugal PortugalDaniel Reckward GermanyKyosho Inferno MP-6
2000Las Vegas, NV, USA United StatesYuichi Kanai JapanKyosho Inferno MP-7.5
2002Punta del Este, Uruguay UruguayGreg Degani United StatesKyosho Inferno MP-7.5
2004Furulund, Sweden SwedenGuillaume Vray FranceMugen MBX-5
2006Jakarta, Indonesia IndonesiaMark Pavidis United StatesKyosho Inferno MP777 WC
2008Charlotte, NC, USA United StatesAtsushi Hara JapanHot Bodies D8
2010Pattaya, Thailand ThailandCody King United StatesKyosho MP9 TKI2
2012Buenos Aires, Argentina ArgentinaRobert Batlle SpainMugen Seiki MBX7

Team Championship IC

1990Turkheim, Germany GermanyMichele Baruzzi Italy
Lamberto Collari Italy
Massimo Fantini Italy
BMT 891

1/10 Pro 10

1992Pomona, CA, USA United StatesJoel Johnson United StatesTrinity EV-10
1994Sonneberg, Germany GermanyMasami Hirosaka JapanTrinity EV-10
1996Ontario, CA, USA United StatesMike Swauger United StatesTeam Associated RC10L2
1998Newcastle, England EnglandDavid Spashett United KingdomTrinity Switch Blade
2000Tsukuba, Japan JapanMasami Hirosaka JapanYokomo YRX-2000

1/10 235mm Class I Group C

1998Apeldoom, Netherlands NetherlandsMichael Salven GermanySerpent Impact

1/10 235mm Class II TC

1998Apeldoom, Netherlands NetherlandsTimmo Rinne FinlandSerpent Impact
2000Kirchberg, Austria AustriaMichael Salven GermanySerpent Impact M2
2002Hamilton, OH, USA United StatesBrian Berry United StatesSerpent Impact M2

1/10 Touring Car

1998Newcastle, England EnglandDavid Spashett United KingdomTeam Losi Street Weapon
2000Tsukuba, Japan JapanAtsushi Hara JapanYokomo MR4-TC Pro
2002Gauteng, South Africa South AfricaSurikarn Chaidejsuriya ThailandTamiya TRF414M
2004Kissimmee, FL, USA United StatesMarc Rheinard GermanyTamiya TRF415
2006Collegno, Italy ItalyAndy Moore EnglandHot Bodies Cyclone
2008Bangkok, Thailand ThailandMarc Rheinard GermanyTamiya TRF416
2010Burgdorg, Germany GermanyMarc Rheinard GermanyTamiya TRF416X
2012Heemstede, Netherlands NetherlandsJilles Groskamp NetherlandsTamiya TRF417X

1/5 Touring Car

2001Ettlingen, Germany GermanyMarcel Strauch GermanyFG Competition
2003Los Angeles, CA, USA United StatesHessel Roskam NetherlandsFG Competition Evo 2003
2005Lostallo, Switzerland SwitzerlandIan Oddie United KingdomH.A.R.M. SX-3
2007Brisbane, Australia AustraliaMartin Lissau DenmarkFG Competition Evo 04
2009Pretoria, South Africa South AfricaBarend Myburgh South AfricaH.A.R.M. SX-3
2011Brest France FranceGuillaume Solon FranceContrast Neox GS
2013Lostallo, Switzerland SwitzerlandMarkus Feldmann GermanyMecatech FW 01

1/10 200mm Nitro Touring

2004Sao Paulo, Brazil BrazilAdrien Bertin FranceKyosho Pure Ten V-One RRR
2006Brisbane, Australia AustraliaKeisuke Fukuda JapanMugen MTX-4R
2008Lisbon, Portugal PortugalDaniele Ielasi ItalyKyosho Pure Ten V-One RRR Evo 2
2010Houston, TX, USA United StatesRalph Burch United StatesXRay NT1
2012Bangkok, Thailand ThailandMeen Vejrak ThailandKM Racing H-K1