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Tamiya TA07 Pro Online Build

Tamiya TA07 Pro Build

Tamiya’s TA07 Pro is the newest in a long line of budget onroaders geared to those wanting the thrill of onroad racing without having to shell out the big bux for a high-end TC. However, this car has seen some serious potential on the track, with more and more drivers gravitating from their current Tamiya rides over to this new platform.

Follow along as we complete the project, installing support gear from Futaba and HobbyStar.

If you’d like to know how well the car works, read our review and watch the video here: http://www.competitionx.com/news-feed/review-tamiya-ta07-pro-touring-car/.

We used the following parts in our build – click the links for more information:
• #90012 Tamiya TA07 Pro, www.tamiyausa.com
• #BLS551 Futaba BLS551 Brushless Low-Profile Servo, www.futaba-rc.com
• HobbyStar 120A Turbo Competition Servo, www.hobbystarlabs.com
• HobbyStar 540 Sensored 17.5T Spec Motor, www.hobbystarlabs.com
• HobbyStar 7.4V 100C 8000mAh 2 LiPo Battery, www.hobbystarlabs.com
• #FUTK4905 Futaba 4PX Transmitter, www.futaba-rc.com
• #51575 Tamiya Subaru BRZ R&D Bodyset, www.tamiyausa.com
• #1015 Tamiya 24mm Type B3 Pre-Mounted Tires, www.tamiyausa.com

Tamiya TA07 Pro Build – Part 1 – Rear Suspension
Tamiya TA07 Pro Build – Part 2 – Front Suspension
Tamiya TA07 Pro Build – Part 3 – Motor Mount
Tamiya TA07 Pro Build – Part 4 – Differentials
Tamiya TA07 Pro Build – Part 5 – Motor Mount / Drive Belt
Tamiya TA07 Pro Build – Part 6 – Steering
Tamiya TA07 Pro Build – Part 7 – Knuckles / Rear Hubs
Tamiya TA07 Pro Build – Part 8 – Shocks
Tamiya TA07 Pro Build – Part 9 – Electronics
Tamiya TA07 Pro Build – Part 10 – Wheels / Body Mounts / Battery Tray

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