Wednesday , 23 June 2021

Team Associated RC10 Classic Buggy Build

Team Associated RC10 Build

Team Associated has re-released the original RC10, now slated the RC10 Classic. This piece of history includes all the things that made this buggy an industry-changing car; white plastic parts, gold tub, big-spiked tires and three-piece wheels. It is a limited-release vehicle so if you’ve got one you’re one lucky fella (or gal!).

I was lucky enough to get one from the A-Team to do a full build and review on. As much as I hate to open the box, the plastic bags and paint the body, I’m taking one for the team to build this replica racer from 1984. Follow along as I assemble the RC10…maybe this might be enough that you won’t have to open your kit! Testing and my final thoughts will be posted in an upcoming review.

The following support parts will be used with this build:
• Team Associated XP DS1313 Servo,
• LRP Flow WorksTeam Brushless ESC,
• Reedy Sonic 540 17.5T Spec Brushless Motor,
• Reedy WolfPack 5500mAh LiPo Battery,
• Futaba 4PLS Radio System,
• Paint by Kustom RC Graphics,

Team Associated RC10 Buggy Build – Part 1 – Front Suspension
Team Associated RC10 Buggy Build – Part 2 – Transmission
Team Associated RC10 Buggy Build – Part 3 – Rear Bulkhead
Team Associated RC10 Buggy Build – Part 4 – Rear Suspension/Turnbuckles
Team Associated RC10 Buggy Build – Part 5 – Shocks
Team Associated RC10 Buggy Build – Part 6 – Electronics
Team Associated RC10 Buggy Build – Part 7 – Wheels and Tires
Team Associated RC10 Buggy Build – Part 8 – Body

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  2. Hi David.

    For the 17.5 Reedy motor, I started with a 25T pinion but slowly worked my way up to a 27T. I think it could go a tooth higher but I stayed with the 27T. This is the one I used:


  3. Would you recommend a similar setup for a new in box original RC10? My dad recently gave my son his, that he never got around to building, for us to build. He and I are looking at what components to use to complete the set.

  4. Yes, something similar is good. While these vehicles can withstand some power, the new LiPo and brushless stuff might tear it up if you put too MUCH power in it.

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