Thursday , 29 September 2022

RC Suspension Tuning Guide – Anti-Roll Bar

RC Tuning - Anti-Roll Bar

What is an Anti-Roll Bar?
Anti-Roll Bars, also know as Sway Bars, are used to reduce chassis roll while cornering by connecting the left side of the car to the right side. Typically, Anti-Roll Bars are used on high-traction surfaces to keep the chassis flat through the turns. This will also provide even traction for all 4 tires resulting in a more responsive car.

An Anti-Roll Bar uses a fixed diameter piece of wire that is bent to fit your vehicle. The middle of the bar is then attached to the chassis while the ends have ball ends attached. These ball ends have links that attach to the suspension arms of the vehicle.

Tuning with an Anti-Roll Bar
Using only the front Anti-Roll Bar will decrease front chassis roll, giving the feeling of more rear traction, or less front bite (less steering). Using the rear Anti-Roll Bar will decrease rear chassis roll, giving the feeling of more steering, or less rear traction.

It is not recommended to use Anti-Roll Bars in bumpy conditions. If you use the bars on a bumpy track, you lose the benefits of the cars independent suspension, making it difficult to drive.

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