Saturday , 13 August 2022

RC Suspension Tuning Guide – Droop

RC Tuning - Droop

What is Droop?
Droop is the amount of down travel a suspension arm has. Droop can be set independently from front to back, but should be the same (normally) from side to side.

Tuning with Droop
Typically, less Droop reduces body roll. Less in the rear will free up the rear a bit, giving more steering. More Droop in the front is good for better on-power steering. It should always be necessary to increase Droop for bumpy tracks, and decrease Droop for high-traction tracks, such as carpet.

You can limit Droop in a couple of ways. Touring Cars offer Droop screws located in the suspension arms. By screwing these in or out, you adjust how much Droop that corner of the car has. On vehicles without Droop screws, Droop is adjusted by placing small limiters IN the shock itself (also known as down-travel limiters). These are placed on the shock shaft below the piston. This limits how much the shaft extends out of the shock body. You can also adjust Droop by screwing up or down the shock shaft eyelets on the bottom of the shock shaft.

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